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Day 1 My TMS Journey

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by orffgirl, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. orffgirl

    orffgirl New Member

    I discovered the TMS theory about 10 years after my first onset of back pain. This was after 10 years of jumping through all the usual medical hoops - CAT scan, X-rays, anti-inflammatories, Physiotherapy, acupuncture, orthotics, chiropractic….you name it. Of course nothing helped. It always bothered me that my pain was not on the same side of my back as the herniated disc. No medical professional could explain that either.

    Then I saw the 20/20 show with John Stossell and I know this was the approach for me. I got the Sarno books and read and re-read them. My acute pain went away and for the past 15 years has only returned once or twice and I have been able to banish it by re-reading one of the books. But there has always been a little nagging residual pain there which I have been unable to banish. It doesn't hinder me from being active - I walk, bike, sail and do yoga and I do not even identify myself as a person with a 'bad back'. I know there is nothing wrong with my back.

    This was all fine until a month ago when out of the blue I started experiencing severe ankle pain. I knew right away that it was TMS and started in on the 'work' again. (My husband and I both recently retired and I know it is related to this in some way) This time I stumbled on this site. So even though my ankle pain is subsiding nicely, I have decided to work through the SEP to see if I can get rid of the residual pain that I still experience.

    I am thrilled that there is a community here that can support me. I have told many people over the years about this theory but have never been able to convince one person including my own sister to even read one of the books.
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, orffgirl. You healed from discovering about TMS and reading the Sarno books.

    I think your new pain is also TMS, maybe caused by you and your husband retiring. My mother retired from her job and enjoyed having the house to herself, until my stepfather also retired and was home all day. He was bored and just watched sports on tv and drank. He was always hard for her to live with, but it was worse when he retired. It's going to be a period of adjustment for you and your husband. It would be good if you weren't both home too much during the day. Visit friends, do activities on your own, spend time at the library or do some volunteer work. Absence makes the heart not only fond, but easier for two people to live together. Hope this helps a little. Your pain is going to go away when you think through the cause of it.
  3. orffgirl

    orffgirl New Member

    Thanks for your reply Walt! I retired a year ago from teaching and my husband retired in Feb. I am experiencing something similar to your mother except my husband likes to be busy all the time which makes me feel bad if I want to just read all day!! I did enjoy having the house all to myself for several months!!! I also enjoyed being able to come and go without explaining my every move to someone else. I am busy - I do yoga 3 times a week, volunteer at my church, visit with friends, etc etc.
    Today I went for a nice walk and experienced hip pain for the first time. I believe it is because I am doing the SEP and my unconscious is angry about that. ugh.
  4. orffgirl

    orffgirl New Member

    Last night I was in a lot of pain. My entire leg ached. I kept telling myself it was TMS and that it was a reaction to starting the SEP. Today the pain has subsided a lot and I went to my usual Friday yoga class. I tried not to be afraid of moving through the usual postures and got along great. I'm working through Day 3….

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