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Day 1 My story

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Mims, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Mims

    Mims New Member

    My life without TMS!

    I think it would mean everything to me!! Im a norwegian girl,35 years old and i have husband with 3 lovely kids.

    I have been struggling with backpain in many years,and now after i gave birth to my 3 child,3 months postpartum i have been syruggling with tinnitus and more backpain.
    Here in norway you dont hear about TMS. But i have been seing a therapist who informed me about this, and i finelly got some hope. I've been to doctors about my ears,they couldnt find nothing wrong. And i have taken a MR wich shows a little hearniated disc.

    So here i am,would really belive that TMS is what i have but i am working with my self-to acsept that TMS is what i have. Its hard,but im trying.

    So this is my day 1,and i am looking forward to this program.

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  2. teachthis1

    teachthis1 New Member

    Good luck to you. I am starting today as well. All of Dr. Sarno's ideas fit me to a T.
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  3. Mims

    Mims New Member

    Good luck to you to!

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