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Day 8 My own treatment vs. making it a mission/job

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ChronicVince, Feb 21, 2023.

  1. ChronicVince

    ChronicVince Peer Supporter

    Up to this point, I really decrease 90% of my ankle/feet pain since november 2022.
    I try to apply this to my anxiety and depression. That is much stronger then I do work related tasks. I had to stop working after 2 burnouts as an IT management coach. Even part-time was not possible for me. :(

    Very related to that, I wonder if my new project idea is a good one or a very risky one...

    I am actively trying to build a service for french speaking TMS sufferers and make it my job if it works. I read a lot, try to help some friends with first good results, and interview several people to better understand their problems. And then I start imagining a solution online with emailing, audios, video group. Maybe I will look for a physician partner.

    I wonder if it's a good idea, because I often mix personal and professional project. And that seems a reason why it's hard for me to stop overthinking and overworking at it.
    What do you think about this for me and my recovery process ?
  2. Rotanzania

    Rotanzania New Member

    Hello, I don’t have any great advice apart from saying it’s important that as a problem solver yourself, have you managed self compassion? It’s what I was listening to from Alan G this morning. I keep launching back into projects and throwing myself in 110%, but forget that self love needs to moderate my thinking and my pace. Just an idea

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  3. ChronicVince

    ChronicVince Peer Supporter

    Hi @Rotanzania , I think this is a good point. Because I also throw myself 110% or even more by default, as a reflex. I read several times your message an this Alan G. chapter about self compassion. Unfortunately, I am not sure to really see and know if I manage self compassion for me... It's problem a sign that there is something to investigate. If you or anyone has any clue to help me for that, I would be pleased. Cheers.
  4. Rotanzania

    Rotanzania New Member

    I wonder what self compassion looks like for you? I’ve been thinking about this for me as it is something that is certainly not natural. I’ve decided for me it is perhaps trying to start my next project at 50% excepting that that is okay. I’ve tried today to spend a little bit of money on myself, I actually failed, but this probably shows that I don’t value myself enough. Compassion for myself doesn’t seem to be so much stopping and being quiet. Although I accept it may be for someone else and I expect it is different for each of us. I wonder what you think about this and whether it’s helpful?
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  5. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Kristen Neff, PhD is one of the leading experts on self-compassion. There are free resources on her website, and there are definitely many resources on this topic all over the internet!

    I believe that in order to recover from TMS symptoms, that you must love yourself enough to know, in your heart, that you DESERVE to heal.

    https://self-compassion.org/ (Self-Compassion)
  6. ChronicVince

    ChronicVince Peer Supporter

    First, I do agree about it's not natural for me neither. I already try to say to me I start at 50% or 80%. But it fails after a few seconds... and feel like I cannot control myself. Spending money is hard topic for me, especially for my wellness. I try to allocate a budget by year. Before I was working with a nice salary and did'nt count, I spent a lot. But now I am more carefull. I try to wish to myself the same things I wish to my wife, but forgot it on a day-to-day basis. I don't know how to remember that, or even better to don't need to have to remember because it would become natural. I reread the self compassion item of Alan G. program, and yes try to speak to the kid inside me. But it's often afterwards... I think it's goint a little better anyway since I started to work around the TMS materials. Maybe, I need more times.

    Thanks also JanAthe, I'll check this out.

    I already like this sentence that is very practical :) and can be use as a good guideline "We give ourselves support and encouragement rather than being cold and judgmental when challenges and difficulty arise in our lives."
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