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My mom has heart palpitations/heart arrhythmia

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by eline, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. eline

    eline Peer Supporter

    Hi there

    Something is driving me crazy. Or maybe I should say someone.. My mom has retired a year ago, not entirely voluntarily. Since then, she is kind of becoming an old lady. All of a sudden, she has shoulder pain, neck pain, feet pain, etc. etc. Once one problem is solved, another one pops up. I am totally convinced that all or most of this is TMS, the underlying cause maybe being the fact that she no longer is "needed" in society because she is retired. Actually, I even conviced her to read the Mindbody prescription from Sarno and after reading it a couple of times and talking about it a lot her shoulder pain disappeared! Yayy.
    However, she has also has heart palpitations/heart arrhythmia, starting after her retirement. She mostly gets them at night lasting up to 10 hours and she can sometimes barely sleep. Nowadays, she has so many nightly palpitations that she is tired all day. She has been to the hospital (also during the nights) and to cardiologists and doctors many times now and her hearts looks just fine. They tested her heart with a 24 hour electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) but also there nothing looked wrong. She has been on different kinds of medication but nothing really works. The doctors cannot find answers, except trying to switch to different medication all the times, which has't helped so far. Even worse; some medication has insomnia as a side-effect, making her sleep even worse..

    Her life kind of sucks right now because it revolves around her heart problems. She is not being able to sleep thus not having any energy during the day, thus not having a lot of lust for life. I tried to convince her that heart palpitations/heart arrhythmia are also TMS but this she does not believe, despite the recovery from her shoulder problem after reading Sarno's book.

    I feel so bad for her and I want to help her sooo much. I even said maybe she should she a therapist to talk about her retirement. At first she agreed but then she said yeah this can wait until after she solves her heart problems since this is more important and now she doesn't have energy to see a therapist. Aaargh :) Can you guys please help me out with the following questions:
    1. Do you think it is true that heart palpitations/heart arrhythmia is caused by TMS? Where can I find some more information/proof about this?
    2. How on earth can I convice my mom that it really is TMS and how can help her?

    Thanks so much!
  2. eline

    eline Peer Supporter

  3. JDinPhilly

    JDinPhilly New Member

    Hey, your mom needs to see a cardiologist.While this might be TMS, you need to rule out any serious heart problems first. This is usually accomplished with an EKG and maybe a halter monitor that she can wear for 2 or 3 days (it records the heart's activity for diagnostic purposes). Its also worth noting that diet can influence temporary symptoms, but in my opinion, the next step is seeing a cardiologist.
  4. eline

    eline Peer Supporter

    Hi there

    She already went to multiple cardiologists, did the LEG, and lives a super health lifestyle. The cardiologists couldn't find anything and say here heart is perfectly fine...
  5. JDinPhilly

    JDinPhilly New Member

    thats good news! It could very well be TMS. I think there was a chapter about cardiac issues in The Divided Mind (if memory serves).
  6. eline

    eline Peer Supporter

    Yeah thanks I already thought so :) the problem is.. How do I convice my mom about this?
  7. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Hi Eline,

    As I explianed in my book, my heart murmurs disappeared once I recovered from TMS.

    Certainly, tension can affect the heart. It may also affect other functions in the body that lead to heart conditions.

    Some issues to consider if not done already by her doctors:

    1. Low magnesium levels. Has her red blood cell (this is different than the regular serum) magnesium level been checked? It needs to be 6 -6.5.
    2. High cortidsol levels. Has her cortisol saliva level been checked for morning, noon, afternnon, and night. Too much cortisol may be the cause. A good functional endochronoligist can help.

    Some quick remedies worth trying
    1. Has she tried not eating 2-3 hours before sleep?
    2. Has she tried deep breathing exercises before sleep?

    Hope these help.
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  8. eline

    eline Peer Supporter

    Hi FredAmir
    Thanks for your response.

    I'm pretty sure those issues have been considered by her doctors already.

    Do you know a way I can convice her that TMS is at stake? And a way to start working on this problem as if it was a TMS problem?

    Kind regards
  9. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Cardiologists generally do not check for RBC magnesium or deal with adrenal issues. All your mom might need is magnesium supplementation!

    As for convincig her regarding TMS, she might find learning more about her sources of tension and possible TMS triggers helpful in making the connection.

    You can forward her this questionnaire that I have designed based on coaching TMSers for the past 25 years.

    https://www.fredamir.com/questionnaire (Back Pain)

    Hope these suggestions help.

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