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Day 5 My journey through..

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Sath57, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. Sath57

    Sath57 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have had TMS for many years. I first came across Dr. Sarno in 2009. I was 26 back then and I was looking to resolve pain in my coccyx. It helped me resolve the pain almost immediately.

    However, I never addressed the issues behind my TMS and even entered into a new profoundly stressful period. So began my journey into a myriad of issues almost all of which now I believe were due to TMS.

    The issues include:

    Coccyx pain
    Tension Headache
    Jaw pain which led to removal of 3 molars
    Acid reflux
    Vague heart pain (started around the time my father underwent a heart bypass surgery at the age of 72. Even went to ER on 3 separate occasions and never had any abnormalities in ECG and stress tests)
    Pain in my left arm
    Pain in my left leg thumb and calf (Ultra sound tiled out DVT issues)
    Severe lactose intolerance (confirmed through two separate tests)
    Benign polyps in my stomach which were removed
    Numbness in outer thigh

    Went through periods of stress in both personal and professional life. Of late became anxious due to this focus situation (though now I am more relaxed on this even though there are more cases in the region where I live)

    If late I experienced dizziness when I get up from a lying condition (this may be because of posture as well) and vague chest pain and feeling of pulse in the left arm and leg .

    Have started the Structured Education programme and hope to address the underlying causes of TMS.
  2. Sath57

    Sath57 New Member

    Day 5 of the programme, and I already find that the pain I starting move. Less of vague heart pain, but I can feel the jaw pain slightly flaring up. Is it because I have started to ‘talk’ about the past again. Or it something that I should be worried about since I also have dizziness and vertigo in the recent past.. Surely it’s the TMS moving around?
  3. Sath57

    Sath57 New Member

    Day 16 - Obviously I skipped a few days. But I want to complete this - so continuing from where I left a few days ago. In fact, I have a recurrence of quite a bit of symptoms - especially the more troubling kind - chest discomfort, jaw pain but also lots of gas. I think the first two are triggered by the gas and the gas is due to stress.

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