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My Healing Testimony After 5 Years Of Debilitating Neck Pain / Back Pain / Vocal Dysfunction

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Benjiro, Dec 10, 2021.

  1. Benjiro

    Benjiro Peer Supporter

    Hello all. I hope all is well. Today, I want to share my “success story” per the title of his post. Ironically, I’ve been healed now for about the same length of time that I was chronically ill.

    I resisted publishing my testimony sooner, even though I was a semi-active member on this forum for years. I consider myself a private person, and I don’t think I was ready before to go public with something that was very personal and difficult for me. I think today, 10 years after getting ill, and 5 years after experiencing healing, my embrace of reality is a lot larger.

    I also remembered that if it weren’t for other people who shared their experiences on the internet, I probably would never have gotten better. It was on the internet where I discovered my cure, whereas none of the doctors I saw in real life could help me.

    You can access my complete success story / testimonial HERE. It’s about 18 pages long, with some pics, and so I don’t see the sense in copying and pasting the whole thing. I’ve broken the article down into four sections. 1-) How It All Started; 2-) The Day My Life Changed Forever; 3-) My Life Today; and 4-) My 7 Keys To Continual Healing.


    In section one (biographical), I talk about how I developed a chronic pain syndrome just a few weeks before going to university (convenient). I talk about how elements in my biography and personality factored into this process. I discuss some of the challenges of being a university student under these circumstances, and my unsuccessful experiences with “mainstream medicine.” I discuss taking a medical leave of absence, thinking that would get me right, and then having to go back to school under similar circumstances.

    In section two, I talk about how on December 31, 2016, just a couple weeks after graduation, I stumbled across Karim’s “TMS Success Story” testimonial video on YouTube [HERE]. That video changed my life (Our experiences were very similar, which gave him credibility to change my worldview on medicine. Someone who knows him can tag him in this because I really, really grateful he put that out there).

    That day is when my healing journey began. I took a break after graduating, consumed as much literature as I could--starting with Dr. Sarno’s books-- and started putting what I learned to work. Within several months, I was completely pain free in my neck and back. Whereas pain used to be the first thing I thought about in the morning, and the last thing I thought about before bed, I had resumed all my normal activities.

    In section three, I document my lifestyle and some of the physical feats I’ve been able to accomplish since I recovered. I’ve strength trained intensely for years, whereas when I had chronic pain gyms used to trigger fear. I benched 255 pounds, ran three half-marathons in two weeks, and regularly play competitive sports, including soccer, basketball, and tennis. My life has many challenges, but it’s a lot better than it was before.

    In section four, I elaborate on things that are important for me to sustain healing and process new life challenges as they come. These are, in no particular order 1-) Healthy relationships; 2-) Diet & Exercise; 3) Journaling & Talk Therapy; 4-) Meditation / Quiet Time; 5-) Fasting; 6-) Dream Therapy; 7-) Acceptance Of Reality

    I’ve included the specific conditions I had in the tags so people who suffer from them can know that someone else made it out on the other side.
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  2. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    Thank you for your insights!
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  3. hawaii_five0

    hawaii_five0 Well known member

    @Benjiro: wow, just wonderfully well written, thoughtful and powerful story. Inspiring to those of us/me still working through it. Is very helpful to have people post success stories. I'm taking the liberty of posting what seems to me to be the crux of how you got better (as much as anything for me to remember). Thank you again for coming back after these years to post the whole story:

    "During the months after graduation, I kept consuming mindbody literature, and I started doing what the mindbody doctors and other people who had healed recommended. I started openly and honestly journaling, on paper and in my mind. I started slowly reintroducing physical activity, something that used to terrify me since I had pulled muscles and exacerbated my condition numerous times over the years. [Dr. Sarno posited the mechanism of chronic pain was oxygen deprivation to muscles, which makes them more likely to get injured.] However, over time, something amazing happened. My pain started to decrease. There were moments where I barely felt any pain at all, something I could not remember experiencing in years. Suddenly, my mind started to widen, and my pain wasn’t the only thing I could think about in the morning and at night. After a few months of journaling, slowly increasing my physical activity, consuming testimonials and mindbody literature—boom!–my pain had disappeared. Gradually, non-linearly, but completely. I used to wonder whether I would ever be able to do physical activity again. The fact that my neck/back pain was gone was a miracle, even though it didn’t happen in an instant."
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  4. Benjiro

    Benjiro Peer Supporter

  5. fbcoach

    fbcoach Peer Supporter

    THANK YOU for sharing your experience. I really needed this!!
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