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My Evidence Sheet

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by hippiesabotage, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. hippiesabotage

    hippiesabotage New Member

    I figured posting my evidence sheet could be a good way to introduce my story so here it is!

    • I thought the pain was from climbing (Haven’t climbed in four months)

    • I went climbing the other day and the pain in one spot I was having for the previous two days went away

    • The next day, the pain was in a completely different, non-climbing related spot

    • I have been told the pain is “in my head” by a close, loved one who knew nothing about TMS (I now believe the pain is real but has origins “in my head”)

    • My past PT told me not to be “nervous” about physical activity or pain I feel and continue to exercise anyway despite having fears about it

    • He also told me that I have no serious injury, disease, or deformity that could be causing my pain and that it was simply “muscle” related

    • There is no known, physical cause of the pain I have experienced. The pain doesn’t make logical sense after seeing my PCP, an orthopedist, and a PT. Every time I saw a medical professional the pain either subsided or shifted to a different area.

    • The first time I woke up with pain in my shoulder and couldn’t move my arm was the morning before driving 5 hours to spend time with a girl that I had been in a long distance relationship with for a few months. I felt pressure to continue this relationship despite underlying feelings that I did not want to continue being in this relationship.

    • After ending the relationship, I began having random pain in my shoulders and neck. There were points where I could not sleep because the pain was throbbing. I took Ibuprofen throughout this four-month perioud.

    • After starting PT, I had different shoulder issues, knee issues, and hip issues.

    • These symptoms came and went

    • I have been climbing and doing yoga for about ten years and never before had any issues until 4 months ago. I did not change my routine so, again, the pain has no logical origins. I have been confused about the pain for the past four months until a few days ago when I came across TMS and now am beginning to have a clearer understanding of the pain and its origins.

    • I previously theorized that the pain was from having a sedentary job for the first time in my life but I was sedentary throughout high school (including no stretching/exercising whatsoever) and never had any pain

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