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Day 6 My doubts about tms

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Samsam, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Samsam

    Samsam New Member

    It’s my day 6 on sep program and
    It’s going well, I’m exercising most
    Days and after exercise in the gym I have
    No pain in my hip or back.

    I’m also finding the sep program great
    And it is keeping my motivated every

    This is a journal on my doubts on
    The tms diagnosis....

    Here goes...

    I do have some doubts fears I guess.
    That what if this pain doesn’t go and it
    Effects my business I have already had
    To cancel work and put customers back.

    I guess I do some doubts or fears I think
    It’s normal.

    I Am also trying to tell myself I healed using
    Tms two years ago. So I can heal again.
    It worked last time (took about 3 months
    In total)
    So it will work again.

    And also exercise is working and reducing the pain. I tell myself in the gym ok
    I am in control go away pain I don’t need
    You. And normally it does.
    I tell myself this while I’m on the cross
    (I know talking to myself in the gym is not
    A cool ‘look’ but I don’t care lol ;)

    Maybee I’m having bit of doubts cause I have been working at it using tms strategies for about 3 weeks. Pain is less and definitely
    Is moving around. Think I need
    Some patients and persistents.

    I am also meditating every day to help
    And stress response.

    Can anyone give me any advise to encourage
    Me ? Maybee you experienced this
    And what helped you though it?

    I feel I am at a platea....

    Thank you to this site and community.
    It really is an amazing and positive place.

    S :)
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  2. Click#7

    Click#7 Well known member

    Yea tell yourself or your inner child to knock it off. I've been struggling had every treatment, PT x 3; acupuncture, chiro, shots, pills and surgery x 2 going on for close to 4 years. I found Sarno & this group last year & I finally surrendered. I wrote a letter to my brain and told it what I thought...good and bad. Told my inner child that all was safe and I wouldn't ignore her anymore. I spoke from the deepest part of my heart. I finally had a response as the pain shifted and feels more muscular than nerve like. I think that shift is a good thing. Anytime something changes it should tell you something. You WILL get better....Samsam. So throw away your doubts. There is a reason for your pain...ask your brain in a letter ? Then throw it away and get on with your life.

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