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My Dog Has TMS

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by Booble, Aug 17, 2022.

  1. Booble

    Booble Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think my dog has TMS. No, seriously!

    She's always been timid and once she gets something stuck in her head, it stays there forever.
    For example, when she was a puppy she fell into the hot tub area of the pool. After that she decided she can't go into that area. She'd go dive bombing jumping into the regular pool. But if her toy landed into the hot tub area, she'd just sit looking at for hours rather than go get it.

    Now she's getting old and she hurt her leg. She had to wear this brace thing that was pretty awful and scraped up her entire leg. Now it's months and months later and she babies that leg. We have no idea if it really hurts or if she just is TMS-ing over it!

    She gets these things in her head and then they hold her back.
    Husband carried her down the last two steps and now she thinks she can't go down them. I have to force husband to not carry her and let her overcome her belief that she can't. It's all in her head!
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