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My Day 1 - RSI, sciatica and tingling

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by lucaspjones, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. lucaspjones

    lucaspjones New Member


    I'm 23 years old and have been struggling with RSI/tendonitis in my hands now for 4 months, first experienced it after clicking with my mouse a lot but I now recognise that as a trigger rather than a cause. I have also had tingling in my hands and most painfully in my legs.

    I have accepted the cause is psychological, and ever since I did this my tingling symptoms have decreased (but not yet gone)! I'm also still struggling with my RSI - it was only in my hands for the last few months, but today when I was walking I noticed new tendon pain in my left foot, which sent me into a fit of laughter because I realised it was a new manifestation of TMS and couldn't possibly be an injury (all my tests/scans are clear).

    Has anyone else struggled with tendon pain in multiple parts of the body at once? If yes, this will help me accept the diagnosis even further.

    Excited to talk to you guys :)
  2. luisr

    luisr Newcomer

    Hello there! I'm kind of in a similar spot. I'm 22 and have had nerve pain in my arms and hands for ~2 years. I always thought it was from too much typing on the computer but since starting the program I have also noticed much of my pain receding. At the same time however I have also noticed pain flare up in other spots out of nowhere! From my reading, I think it's a good sign that the pain is moving around because it's your body's attempt to distract you with new pain. I'm still not pain free but am now using the computer without fear and hopefully we will both recover in full with time!
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  3. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    When I first recovered from back pain in '99 I was back at work in 5 weeks. About two days in, at my at my heavy labor job I was climbing up into one of those scissor lifts and my leg collapsed under me....my knee just gave out and when I tried to stand up it was painful and tender. I laughed out loud as I limped around. I am sure my co-workers thought I was insane.

    I had read "Healing Back Pain" thoroughly and knew that the symptoms try switching.

    Now that I have done this a long time, any time I have had a flare, symptom switch means whatever I suspected was at the root of it was correct and it is trying a new angle. It also means that particular episode is almost over.

    With 20 plus years of hindsight I can tell you what was going on when my knee went out...even though My back pain was gone I was still in a stress cooker, hostile, back stabby, nepotistic work environment... my body was reacting to what my conscious mind couldn't deal with. I only worked there because it was the best money I could make, not because I liked what I was doing. I still have to be mindful of that all these years later

    I didn't need to know all that to get better...just that it was TMS. The knee thing stopped in a couple of days...nowadays that would be a couple of hours.
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  4. lucaspjones

    lucaspjones New Member

    Hey man :) I've also noticed that happening - from "tendon" pain in my hands, then to my foot, then my wrist! The hand pain has been constant but I feel like I had a breakthrough last night - for about an hour the pain completely disappeared in my left hand, and all I had to do was get really angry about stuff I never thought could produce such intense emotion. A particular aspect of my personality is that I have difficulty feeling emotions - so to have anger come on so strongly last night, and for that to correspond with a pain reduction, was great news!

    Let me know how you're getting on, always open for a chat :)
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  5. luisr

    luisr Newcomer

    Glad to hear of your breakthrough! I haven't had anything intense but I also do share those personality traits. People have always said I'm very "serious" and "dull." Anyways, I think it's very important not to lose faith in the TMS diagnosis in order to completely heal. It's always helpful to reflect on how much it has worked so far.

    Yeah the chat sounds like a good idea! I will try to make it to the one this Saturday :)
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