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My clicking left side jaw while opening mouth

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by osca aelius, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. osca aelius

    osca aelius Peer Supporter

    Hello all i have a question. Currently i experience having little click sound while opening my jaw, especially while yawning and i have to open my mouth widely. The pain sometimes come and go, mostly it doesnt hurt but because of my worry i may become more sensitive on that part and imagine if there is something seriously wrong with my jaw. I currently dont and cant go to doctor to check it due to financial issue. I found on internet about my condition that i could suffer from TMJ, and my friend on this forum said TMJ could be TMS, but is that so? Since the clicking sound is evidence that there is some structural problem in my jaw that cause the clicking sound, how could it be TMS?

    I really worry and sometimes opening my jaw widely multiple times to test if it does cause pain. Advice please :(

    Im tired of worrying if i have chronic illness. First my chest pain, then my teeth pain, now i worry about my jaw clicking sound. Feels like i need 100% assurance that there is nothing wrong with me physically to move on, or little doubt combined with some symptoms and pain would cause me to become obsessive and suffer so much. I become unproductive because of this.
  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    According to the books I have TMJ is tms. You are ok. Treat it with the same thing as your tooth and chest pains. I have seen that you had your chest pain checked out? I've been to the ER with the same thing. It's scary what the brain can do. By the way, the clicks and popping etc is also normal ☺️
  3. osca aelius

    osca aelius Peer Supporter

    Hello Lizzy thanks for the reply, yes the clicking sound happen only on left side. Is it really normal? Feels like some friction is happening on my left jaw that cause the sound and i worry. Yes, get my chest checked, lungs is clean, and EKG test is fine. If there is some pain sensations, i could worry something serious is happening. Me having tinnitus also made me to think maybe i have tinnitus because of my TMJ, and so on, and so on. This is crazy :/
  4. eskimoeskimo

    eskimoeskimo Well known member

    My jaw clicks and pops very loudly on opening moderately wide and has done so since I was a teenager. Occasionally it's a little sore, but only very very rarely. Basically I think it's totally harmless. I know easier said that done, but I'm saying: Don't worry about it.

    I know all too well what you mean about feeling like you need 100% certainty. No amount of reassurance gets you there. Maybe practice shelving the worry for some period of time and focusing on another activity ... even if it feels uncomfortable to be at 10 or 20 or 90% sure. In my experience it takes some time, some focus on an unrelated activity before these obsessions start to lose their grip a little bit. Maybe try to remind yourself that you have an obsession problem, not a jaw problem.
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  5. osca aelius

    osca aelius Peer Supporter

    Yes, in the next few days i could obsess about some symptoms and worry that it could get serious. Like my current jaw click. i worry if it means something serious since i cant know for sure and dont have the money to get myself checked. When you say i need to get 100% certainty, i really need it, or else i couldnt function normally and go into obsession mode like you said. The imagining of me having real hidden illness and i treat it as TMS that could have serious consequence is really frightening. I really need guidance from people who have gone through TMS and know the puzzle about it, and can give me guidance to solve the puzzle :(

    This is like some real torture for me, never in my life i ever expect to experience this kind of adversity. Anxiety disorder is nothing compared to this, and my journey while overcoming anxiety isnt easy either. And now the problem i currenly face is even tougher and more confusing. Really envy people who have normal life :(
  6. GalaxyPop

    GalaxyPop Newcomer

    How is now?

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