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my brain, exercise and tms

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by stevow7, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. stevow7

    stevow7 Well known member

    so i had a workout this monday and was unsure what variation of an exercise i wanted to pick. after searching info i decided to do one of the variations. heres the thing, i video taped myself doing it and was unsure if i did it correctly, so i ask people and even tho i did good, i could bend a bit more.

    don’t remember well if i started to have low back pain after performing the exercise, but i had it after exercising and it went away and came back that day (if i remember correctly), the next day i don’t even think i had low back pain and yesterday i had in the morning.

    the thing is, i also squatted and video taped me and saw i was curving my lower back, so if anything, the low back pain was due to squatting and not the other variation exercise i was performing and tbh, i know the pain was 100% tms work and not the exercise.

    heres the thing, since i was looking into variations, now i want to try another one that people usually do, but my mind is saying that i’m a quitter and quitting because i had pain in the lower back when performing it (tbh, i don’t rememeber if i did exactly had pain during or right after doing that exercise, but i know it was tms if i had the pain anyways) and that i should continue even tho i know it’s tms.

    now i’m overthinking with anxiety, because i want to do certain exercise, but my mind wants me to do the one that could cause pain even tho i know it’s tms and i don’t actually mind doing it, but i also have to admit that i have a bit of feeling of fear from doing it. i also wanted to try another variation, but yeah it’s like my mind says continue since you actually don’t mind doing it and know the pain is tms.

    i also this thought that i should perform the exercise to make sure it’s tms.

    i’m talking this to my therapist, but idk if she knows about tms tho. i mentioned it to her once, but she didn’t said anything about it from what i remember
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