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Muscle Habituated Instability and TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by memorylane, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. memorylane

    memorylane Newcomer

    I have tried implementing the TMS philosophy since reading Dr Sarno's book and have I have had a real reduction in pain the last three days since coming to understand the condition. A lot of the cases Dr Sarno mentions in the literature regards back pain have to do with people who have disc herniation, nerve impingement and RSI and things to do with the spine. I on the other hand have had two surgeries for multi directional instability of the left shoulder due to a loose capsule which the surgeons attributed to loose ligaments. I have not healed from both surgeries with instability still found in the left shoulder joint with my arm often abruptly clunking when I move. Later when the surgeries failed the surgeons focused on the muscles as the underlying cause of my problems.

    Strangely enough I have also not responded to the physical therapy I undertook as part of my rehabilitation program post surgery. The muscles wouldn't behave and kept fighting each other until I was back in the same place as I was prior surgery. Later on I was diagnosed with Muscle Habituated Bilateral Instability of both shoulders by a competent professor of biomechanical medicine at Sydney University. Due to the very seeming structural abnormality of the arm which often clunks when I move, I was wondering if my condition would still fall under the TMS diagnosis. I guess because the shoulder is a muscle joint - more dependent on the muscles in the region due to its ROM, I can see how the muscles are the problem to my ongoing loose shoulder condition.

    I have like many people who have reviewed HBP on Amazon been through the medical wringer with dozens of tests and now two operations behind me (that has not been successful) - a lot of the people who have reviewed the book who say they have recovered from their chronic pain did not had surgeries performed.

    I am therefore worried that I have lessened my chances of success from the surgeries which may have made the condition worse. I am hoping other people who you may have had loose ligaments in their shoulder whose condition improved once they understood it was TMS could give me some feedback.

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