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Much progress after only 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Ducman, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Ducman

    Ducman New Member

    I read the Dr. Sarno's book Healing back pain and then The Divided Mind and and am now listening to the Back Pain Book by Steven Ozanich. Have also been journaling.

    All I can say is I am so thankful to have found this information. I am now walking everyday with my dog about 4 miles, including hills. My back pain is significantly reduced. I am learning to listen to my body and reprogram my brain. By reading or listening (audible) to these books, I get these nuggets of truth that just become so clear to me. It truly is astounding.

    I did something yesterday that really shows the progress in my pain management. I have a home business where I have designed a bunch of small metal parts which are made by machine shops in very large quantities. Once inspected the parts are assembled into plastic boxes. Depending on the type of kit, there may be 35 to 45 parts assembled into the boxes. I had gotten to the point where I could not stand very long to put the parts in the box because of my back pain. I make up 8 boxes at one time. I would put on the labels, then stop for the day. The next day I would put in all the parts in the box (its divided up into 36 sub compartments), and then stop. The next day I would put in this foam in each of the compartments that keeps the metal parts from rattling around. Yesterday I assembled 16 boxes (2 sets of 8) entirely in one session! My back was tired, but no real pain. It really is a miracle.

    I also am beginning to understand that with constant pain, the body really does divert our attention from the hidden emotions. I say this because every day I am now focusing on the psychological rather than the physical pain and am achieving some incredible insights into the patterns dealing with my emotions. I was not able to do this before because the pain was always front and center.

    I have had no trouble accepting Dr. Sarno's explanation for the pain. Its kinda like when I first accepted the teachings of Christ many years ago. There was so much that I didnt understand, but as I finally took the first step, the understanding came. It was a process of starting with just a small understanding and then it growing as I kept seeking. Its the same with TMS. As I keep putting the effort (journaling, reading, and discussing with my wife), more understanding occurs and the pain decreases.

    Thanks to all on here that have helped me, and I hope all that are suffering, will find their truth which will set them free of pain.
  2. iwire

    iwire Peer Supporter

    Dear Ducman,
    This is so wonderful! So happy for you! One thing that struck me in your story is that you mentioned not only journaling and reading but discussing with your wife. I have found on several occasions that my symptoms lessened immediately after I discussed something I was journaling about or reading about with my husband. It seems that speaking aloud about it to someone may give my brain a stronger message than affirmations, reading, or writing have done alone. It also seems that hearing the insights that someone who knows me well can add to the process is helpful. Thanks for mentioning this! I think it could help others to try this strategy. And sincere best wishes for continued joyful living!!!
  3. Ducman

    Ducman New Member

    Thanks much. My wife and I can relate on this subject quite well because many years ago, she had excruciating pain due to endometriosis. The docs said not much they could do, and she would have to just deal with it. But they did refer her to a pain clinic that also offered psychotherapy (she is Canadian and in Canada at the time). She kinda went through a very similar experience in that after some revelation of her some childhood experiences, and the coaching to not focus on the pain, the problem diminished. So she can relate what I am going through. Funny though before I read Sarnos book, I could not figure out how she became pain free. Its not until its the right time for each individual that we actually understand for ourselves. She has said recently, "this is what I was trying to tell you" . I return, yeah sometimes husbands dont listen to their wives!". She retorted "sometimes?"
  4. mugwump

    mugwump Well known member

    I am so happy for your fast recovery Ducman.

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