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Day 15 moving symptoms = more evidence

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by bennet, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. bennet

    bennet Peer Supporter

    By now I don't *feel* any doubts that symptoms are TMS-- my unconscious mind just needs reminding sometimes.

    I started with with intense pain in my left hip that disabled me for over a year. A few months into working with the TMS diagnosis, I was going 70%-100% better. Now I never experience disabling hip pain.

    When I first started to read about TMS, the pain in my left hip moved to pain on my neck and shoulders, mostly the left side-- because I thought that misalignment in my hip was affecting up my spine. I know that isn't true any more, because there is nothing wrong with my hip.

    But then I learned to associate neck pain with a bad night's sleep and so I started to wake up with horrible pain in my neck and shoulders. Then as I began to internalize the TMS concept more, the pain jumped from the left to the right, and has now moved to my jaw joints in both sides.

    I've been finding hard to uproot it there. The most helpful thing has been repeating to myself messages like "Sleeping won't hurt me" "I have been sleeping my whole life without this problem" "I'm ok and I'm going to be ok." I do this consistently at night before I sleep, and I meditate, and have been doing this for about 2 weeks. I'd say I'm doing about 80% better most days, and the pain goes away when I forget about it completely.

    But I had an interesting reminder the other day. My hip pain and jaw pain have different triggers. When I had hip pain, I was living with my dysfunctional family and badly needing to get away from them. Two days ago I had an in depth conversation with my boyfriend about what it had been like living there, and then a friend's mom told me something about my parents that really really upset me. That night I felt the hip pain again-- but by now it is deeply ingrained as a TMS pain, and just thinking that allowed me to end it within minutes.

    Still, it was amazing to see how it surfaced in relation to those very specific triggers. I have not had even twinges of hip pain in months. I've been running, exercising, going to work and sitting at desks-- all things I couldn't do for over a year.

    It's encouraging too. When that hip pain came back, I was able to observe it, and very confidently think: This is so clearly TMS. My hip is fine. I'm not sliding back into this. And I haven't-- I've been fine.

    So it's very encouraging to me that my jaw pain will, probably within a few weeks or months, be the same. I've gained "mastery" over the hip pain, and I will eventually do the same with my jaw pain.

    Anyone else relate?
  2. DC123

    DC123 New Member

    I 100% agree. A month ago is when I finished Dr. Sarnos books and this is my 7th day on the SEP. My low back pain is about 85% healed but during the time I developed stomach and digestion issues (I have never had stomach problems before). It almost felt like a balance scale, as pain went away with my back it shifted to my stomach.

    Keep up the good work!

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