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Mostly Recovered 9 Months Billateral Wrist Pain

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Nyoibo, May 26, 2021.

  1. Nyoibo

    Nyoibo New Member

    First I want to extend a thank you to everyone on the forum who replied and a special thank you and apology to Jan who I got very feisty with in my anger and despair.

    I'm going to keep this as short as I can. I am 31 as of now and I was 30 when the pain started last year in August. I started to mysteriously have pain for the first time ever in my left thumb. It was a dull pain that got worse and worse. I was convinced I had some sort of Repetitive Strain Injury. After awhile, it extended to my wrist. I wore a splint thinking it would go away. After some weeks my other wrist began to hurt terribly. I would be up all night in pain unable to sleep. When both arms went I had a panic attack and for the first time in my life I almost passed out. I had fallen to the floor and my heart was racing. After I felt a little better, I visited the emergency room. I was diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel syndrome. It was devastating. I believe I was suffering from the Nocebo effect.

    Things gradually got worse and worse. I rested my arms for months and months. Half a year I was a cripple, I could barely shower or shave or brush my teeth. Video Games, Writing, Music, I never thought I would ever get to do these things again. I was absolutely convinced life was not worth living if I could not get over this. I'd never faced something so difficult in my life. It felt worse than being dead.

    After seeing the doctor and being told once it was Arthritis or RSI, she sent me to get a nerve conduction test. Results were negative, no carpal tunnel. I was then sent to a hand specialist. Same thing, and he was frustrated with me that I was probably wasting his time. So with absolutely nothing to go on, my doctor went back to saying it was a pinched nerve. I was so upset I changed doctors and after doing so I just gave up even going back to the new doctor because what was the point? My faith in modern medicine was absolutely shattered and I was the son of a nurse so I had a strong bias toward favoring modern medicine as the end all be all answers and diagnoses.

    I was first told about TMS, by my boyfriend's music teacher, a very bright and down to earth guy whom we both respect. Later I would come here and rant because I was feeling unwell, and people here tried to tell me about it as well. Finally I watched a video about a video game speedrunner who cured himself through Dr John Sarno's book The Mindbody Prescription which I have right beside me as we speak. Reading the book brought me to tears because finally, finally it all made sense. It was the closest thing to a religious experience that I ever had. I met the common personality traits of the sufferers of TMS with the need of perfection, to be good, etc.

    In short, after reading the book, I am about 95% pain free. I have gone back to doing nearly anything I want. Admittedly, I am suffering from a small amount of pain in my left wrist, but that's why I'm here giving my story. This is a venting process for me and already my hand feels slightly better. I owe Dr. Sarno, and those who continue his work, my life. I wish he were alive so I could shake his hand, give him a hug, and tell him how important his work really is to me and so many others.

    I feel as though I have been given a second chance and I take any opportunity to tell others about this knowledge in a careful and respectful way if I think they are ready for it. I just want to thank everyone again and although I'm having slight pain at the moment I wouldn't be this far along had I not read the book and watched interviews with Dr Sarno. If anyone reading this is in recovery or doubtful if it works all I can really say is that there's no harm in trying, but you must have an open mind. Also I want to paraphrase Dr. Sarno, he says something to the effect that "The human body is very strong and has an immense ability to heal that we underestimate." Whenever I'm in pain and I think something might not heal or the pain won't go away, I think about this general idea and it brings me comfort.
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  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank you for sharing your success story and recovery journey. It will inspire others. Congratulations on all you have achieved!
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  3. fewjoram

    fewjoram Peer Supporter

    That was a very inspiring story! Congratulations and thank you for sharing it with us.
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