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Day 4 Most disheartening thing ever said by a doctor - day 4

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Pilot in pain, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Pilot in pain

    Pilot in pain Peer Supporter

    Well I stopped with the doctors at Doctor number 22. Everyone of them including ND's and I have had my case reviewed by a panel of 3000 of them and even had it turned down by the Cleveland Clinic Second Opinion Program as they said they think I have tried everything one can try to fix a messed up back do I have to say I dont put much faith into what any Doctors tell me anymore. I went to a neurolgist and he took 18 viles of blood to see why my energy is shot and his professional diagnoses was that I should go on anti depressants and anti seizure medications one of which had the side effect of DEATH! Flat out will kill you. I have to say, I bought into their own BS as I had been to a good dozen doctors by then and at the start they are all the same. They take an hour to listen to your story and then they look you square in the eye and say, dont worry dude, we got this. We will help. You are going to be alright. Then give them a few weeks, month whatever it is they need to finish their myopic view of what they think they can do to help and then the hand goes right back on the sholder and I have had this happen 22 times, they look you square in the eye and say, I am sorry, you are the strangest case I have ever had. There is no more I can do for you, good bye and try and not give up hope but there is nothing more I can do for you. I have heard it so many times I can repeat it and every doctor I have met when they give me the first line I just say right back instantly, no, you are not going to do anything for me actually but it is worth trying. My back pain shot up through either side of the spine so it is not the spine that hurts but it is like nerve damage or something shooting up and out around the ribs near the T4 and neck for me so I thought hmmm neurologist, he might be the way to go. I spent an hour with him and he said the same thing. Took the blood and when the blood work came back he said few issues here and there but the answers are anti seizure and anti depresants. I said well I dont have seizures and I am not really so depressed so if that is all you have to offer then I will say you are kind of useless but thanks for trying. I can remember walking out that door on about doctor number 15 or so thinking bum nerves in my back was the issue and then it hit me on the way down the stairs, if this wing nut who is a neurologist can not come up with a solution for my back thinking nerves were my problem then I am literally screwed with no one left to turn to. That was my most disheartening thing I have probably heard but honestly, each one of those hands on the shoulders at the end saying you are in the 1% I can not cure, they all were a small kick in the crotch over time so I dont really listen to Doctors anymore as they are never going to help me.
  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Wow, well they did say keep hope I believe and that hope is exactly what will help you heal Pilot in pain.
    Now for your Self Thoughts-
    Your not going to die by doing tms healing therapy. You stated you saw that on a medication you saw from a Dr.
    I have a brother that has seizures and I know how they can get so you do have the right medicine for them right?
    Have you studied Peter Levine and Claire Weeks- They talk about facing and floating- and focusing.
    You can really get a lot of help for your anxiety from them ok. Let me know if you need some insight as to where they can be found or what they can do, im here for ya.
    Oh and Abraham Low is pretty good at teaching tension control to cure too.

    John Sarno explains the workings of the mind and how the id and super-ego compete against each other causing tension. Hence the anxiety and pain.
    Acceptance Control is good old fashioned acceptance in the tms cure protocol.
    Which by my estimation is all you need to heal.
    But for anxiety control and emotional control I have had 13 years in acceptance control before I learned tms knowledge so the giants above have helped me a lot in healing anxiety and can help you too ok.

    See, at the time of this journal thought- you were wanting or thinking they- ( The Drs)- were going to get something structural and when they didn't
    you thought they were not really doing a good job . This is what everybody in this forum that has
    had tms has been through.

    See tms is about keeping your focus on the body and thinking structural, if I have a pain in my body we will automatically
    think in our minds it has to be something structural- when the truth is its buried repressed emotions trying to break through to consciousness
    Then this causes a reduction in oxygen to our body parts which creates pain.

    When we hurt we need think what is it that might be bothering me at this time emotionally.
    Did I just get up- set at my son for being sarcastic for instance, this could be called a trigger.
    When this trigger is fired you will automatically get upset or angered causing tension which also creates pain in the body.
    And bam- you think its this structural problem that needs to be found by one of the 22 Drs.

    When really all you need to know is the issue is benign, its not as hard to find and cure as we might think.
    The Drs might have given up but you haven't and that shows you have resilience, persistence that will pay off.

    Now with that out of the way, I wanted to say I went to many, many Drs. They all wanted to cut on me and
    I wasn't in the cutting mode, I was mad cause they didn't have a simpler way to fix my issue.

    I found that simpler way one day while searching the web for a way to loose the pain.
    I've tried everything you can imagine in my 25 yr. battle with body pain and when I saw
    Dr. Sarno MD telling me I could be healed if I had this understanding- well it was hard to believe at first.

    But I was so full of hope that I immediately took to his concepts and now going on two years later
    im still learning and thanking my higher power for finally showing me the truth through
    a man Named John Sarno that decided to stand up to the medical establishment and tell the truth.

    Im so glad your here Pilot in pain, I know with your persistence you will have a healing on the horizon
    Thank you
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  3. nancy

    nancy Well known member

    I loved your post. You are so impressive. Nanxy
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  4. Pilot in pain

    Pilot in pain Peer Supporter

    Thanks for that. pretty awesome. I am on day 5 and will take it to the end. I have a lot of questions so I will think about them and post.
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