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Mosquito bite

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by crimslock, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    Well on Wednesday late afternoon i was watering the garden and a mosquito bit me. I got the normal little red spot/bump and it was a bit itchy. This pain and awareness of the bite was gone within the hour. The next morning i woke up with pain in my wrist (bite was just above the wrist, on the front of my hand) and i have never had pain in my wrist before. I thought i must have slept on it etc.. Later during the day the pain continued and i was increasingly becoming aware of it. Then i noticed the mosquito bite and freaked out that the pain was due to this bite!!! Now i can't stop thinking the pain is due to the mosquito bite and something bad is going to happen. The pain is now spreading from my wrist to my hand, arm and shoulder. I feel some weakness in the hand as well as the pain. I awoke again today to pain in the wrist and hand....

    I looked on the net about mosquito bites and their symptoms. None of my symptoms match the standard mosquito bite symptoms. Thinking this pain is TMS. I know Dr Sarno talks about the brain putting TMS symptoms in areas of the body which have wearing (Disc Bulge etc). So maybe this is a classic case that is happening to me. Another point to strengthen this is TMS not mosquito bite symptoms is that my usual TMS symptoms have decreased by about 90%. I am actually enjoying this and prefer the wrist pain to my usual burning in the legs and back...

    What do we think and should i see a Dr???
  2. yb44

    yb44 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Oh Crimslock, this does sound like classic TMS. But I am not a doctor so if you feel you need reassurance, go and get yourself checked out.

    You appear very focused on your physical symptoms. You say you are freaking out, i.e. fearing. Fear creates a breeding ground for our symptoms. Something bad could happen? Do you think you have a tendency to catastrophise about other areas of your life, non-physical areas? What are your current worries, again, non-physical worries? Try to shift your thinking area from your arm, shoulders, neck area and start to check in with your life at the moment.

    Interestingly mosquito bites could almost be a metaphor for TMS symptoms. We get bitten, we notice the bite, we rub the bite worry the bite, scratch the bite, put cream on the bite. We can think of nothing else but the bite because it's so annoys us. It is relentless. We can think about or focus on nothing else until we can get some relief.

    Wonderful news about the level of recovery you have reached. What did you do to get to this point? Do more of it and add in some of the suggestions that Derek Sapico made in another post. I have no doubt you will get there.
  3. Beach-Girl

    Beach-Girl Well known member

    Great quote yb - because it was what I was thinking as well. Crimslock: like yb44 said, we aren't doctors so that decision will have to be yours. However I have noticed since starting the various programs and reading about TMS, that I've developed other little symptoms every now and then. I am also a worrier, so it would seem that I would "logically" freak if I developed a new symptom. But I haven't. I simply tell myself it's TMS - and move on. Typically I find that the symptom will disappear.

    It's all about retrain the brain. So if there is some way you can signal yourself to stop, breathe, and have a brief chat with your brain, the symptom de jour should dissipate. And it's a nice signal to calm yourself.

    Not saying your mosquito bite is TMS - it might be something else. Again I can't say for sure. But try the above technique next time you have a new ache or pain. See if you can get that annoying new distraction to go away.

    Good luck and great news you're doing so well.

  4. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    If you feel seeing a doctor for your mosquito bite will help you, please do so. It's highly unlikely a mosquito bite has caused all kinds of pain. I get them occasionally but have no reaction other than brief annoying itching.

    I'm glad to hear your other pain has been greatly reduced. :)
  5. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    This sounds like the symptom imperative to me. You mentioned that you were making a lot of progress and then boom, these new symptoms. The mosqito bite was simply a trigger that your unconscious mind took advantage of. Like yb44 said, we all focus on mosquito bites. They are annoying and keep us focusing on the bite. This could easily develop into a TMS symptom. If you just had itching then it would probably be from the bite, but the pain that moves around sure sounds like TMS to me.

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