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Morning thoughts

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by srton, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. srton

    srton Well known member

    not feeling great this morning.
    but am aware that it is anxiety about today's test and a long difficult day of classes.
    I fought so hard to get into this accelerated program to become a nurse and my family has sacrifced so much to allow me to go back to school. It's expensive. It's asking my husband to pay my tuition when I've always worked and never had to "ask" for anything I wanted before.
    i know that this is what I want but it's so so HARD. getting up early, studying after the kiddos go to bed. Feeling like there is never enough time to study. being the only parent in the program. wanting to run with the big dogs and get fabulous grades. wanting everyone to love me and acknowledge that I'm cool and fabulous and have value.
    This is like a personalized recipe for TMS. - its something i want so i shouldn't complain about how hard it is.but man its so hard!!!!! plus i don't feel comfortable complaining (TMS personality - hello!).
    Going to try to let some of this go today.
  2. Martha

    Martha Newcomer

  3. Martha

    Martha Newcomer

    I don't think it's wrong to vent. It may even help to get your feelings out. My doctor would tell me to stop and think about where I feel it in my body and how that changes as my emotions change. :) Hang in there!

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