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Day 26 More flairs or extinction bursts??

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jokeysmurf, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. jokeysmurf

    jokeysmurf Well known member

    woke up this am feeling pretty good. I started doing chores and by 10:30 I was very involved and started experiencing onset of anxiety I just rolled with it. Did some work, then anxiety became intense. I kept working and accepting the anxiety. Pretty soon I had back pain and side pain and some intense stomach discomfort. I knew it was TMS, trying to get me toward fear. I wasn’t afraid.

    It waxed and wained. I went to the gym and exercised for 40mins. I was anxious but I did some visualization and I got through it. I had some true moments of joy. After my workout I was trembling. I let it happen.

    I went home and had intense dizziness for about 5 mins. I laid down and did some somatic tracking and it went away. I prepared some dinner and it came back with some nausea and more peeps of stomach discomfort.

    The whole time I had zero fear but it felt like having a child throw a tantrum. I thought, nope...do what you will I’m done being afraid.

    I’m sure it will be back but I never backed down nor did I let it get the best of me. It wasn’t easy but I felt more free mentality from the grips of fear and the fear generated by pain.

    I hope I continue to make progress but I’ve been in this back and forth state since May so maybe by August or September I hope things get even better.
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