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MONTE HUEFTLE's : Chapter 7 : "The Elimination of Pain" : the 'Reread This Chapter' chapter

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Tennis Tom, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    CHAPTER 7 :



    Page 75,

    "Unconsciousness, our compulsive, toxic, grasping, energy zapping, repetitive thought processes have created our pain; Consciousness, being aware, feeling, accepting, experiencing, and being present now is how we heal--how we get rid of the pain."
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  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    pg. 76,

    "It looks like I have a lot to learn about my mind and how it works?"

    "No. Not at all! The challenges that are taking place with our thought processes are not solved by creating more thought processes. It is this mental activity that's dysfunctional."

    "...the dysfunction is--attachment to your mind, there is no need to analyze, judge and explore the infinite ways that it works. That could and would go on forever. Where and when would you stop? You wouldn't!"​
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  3. MicheleRenee

    MicheleRenee Peer Supporter

    so true. i was caught in analyzing and trying to stop my destructive and obsessive thoughts which just made it worse. the brain wants a break... and the only way to give it that break is to just let it be. say what it wants to say. attach no emotion to the thought and eventually the thoughts will taper down and be more rational
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  4. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes, paralysis by analysis--overthinking. Our brains create the very real remote TMS pains, in the outer reaches of our mindbody galaxies.
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  5. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    pg. 76,

    "By watching and listening in a detached way you are accepting the present moment for what it is. "

    "...You are the detached observer. This level of observing is a different level of consciousness then thinking. You may refer to this as being conscious, being present, or being in the now. "

    "This type of conscious attention breaks the the link between your unconscious mind activity and your physical pain disorder initiating a transformation to wholeness."

    "Unconscious mind activity has created the pain disorder and consciousness reverses it."​
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  6. shmps

    shmps Peer Supporter

    Thanks Tennis Tom, Just what I needed to hear.

    7 years back I went through divorce, leading to 4 years of court battle, during which I constantly had my mind thinking all the what ifs, what do, I need a plan for all the unknowns in future, worry full mind 24/7. I knew this is the source of my highly sensitized ANS. But today, whenever I have an issue in relationship, work, family etc.. I have a hard time calming my mind down. I cant stop it from not thinking worry fear what ifs what should i do, should i do this or that, etc etc.. I notice my mind is actually thinking already from the moment i open my eyes in the morning. I can enjoy peace when I have a situation in life, My mind is not CALM and so is my bodily pain. Its knocking to tell me to calm down and stop worrying/thinking.

    How do i do that? what tool to use to stop thinking/fearing ? how do i not worry about my future when I have a problem on hand. how do i stop finding a plan for the problem today. Which would be the good tool. I read Alan's 21 day new program and have a wealth of information but just dont know which to apply so I can better enjoy the moment I am in than be in my head making a plan/decision etc for the problem on hand since there is so much worry/fear for future.

    How to stop thinking about a situation thats currently in life.

    I will really appreciate your reply.
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  7. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Shmps, if you can afford it contact a TMS couselor/therapist for help, your situation is ongoing and too complex to be answered in one post from a tennis player. If you're anxiety is preventing you from functioning, get some low dose tranquilizers from a doctor to get you through this rough patch. Low dose, short term use has been found helpful to be able to focus on doing "the TMS work". Although your average physician does not have the time to deal with TMS emotional issues, they are well aware of anxiety and depression and other TMS/affective emotional equivalents and will prescribe tranquillzers for it. I've taken them several times in my many years to get through rough patches and be able to function. Nothing wrong with their short term use. There's a list of TMS physicians, practitioners and counselors by state and country at the home page here that you can see in person, by phone or by skype. You can also contact Monte Hueftle, he has a web-site and would be the best person to answer your question about what he wrote.

  8. shmps

    shmps Peer Supporter

    Thanks Tennis.

    I have been in therapy On and Off for two years now and that has tremendously helped me. It has helped me so much that I dont have pain related fear thoughts anymore. I am truly independent. I actually have very limited pain and that arises when I am not taking care of myself. I know my pattern, and yes its of that anxious worry thinker. I probably, overstated by saying not able to function. I am functional but just not joyous when I am so much in my mind.

    It all comes down to doing the work. I also have Monte Huefle's CD and book/audios. I am grateful the pain came 3 years back to tell me to improve my mental health and finally i have a good landscape of the cause. Its the general fear leading to relentless thinking when a situation occurs in life and starts the fligh or fight mode. I have to learn to be able to watch my thoughts related to fear in general just like I was able to do that with pain. I am so much at peace and safety when its about pain. Ironically, mostly people have a hard time bringing themselves to safety when its about the physical pain right in that moment and I, on the other hand fail to bring safety when its about some unknown/unreal situation in future.

    My biggest hurdle is to be able to live safely today but my mind is busy plotting a safe future.

    The self talk and cognitive therapy has not helped much in me being able to bring safety back when I need it the most. I am a prey to the mind worrying about the future. So that's why now I feel, what I could not tell my mind cognitively, I will be able to tell it somatically :)

    Take care.
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  9. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    You have discovered TMS and no longer fear the physical pain, you understand it is benign--you are not doing damage. When I feel my hip hurting a lot, I realize I've overdone it and take a time out--stretch out, put an ice bag under my butt, put my feet up and do some reading or take a nap.

    The anxiety brought on by ruminating about the past or the future is another TMS affective emotional symptom--it's a distraction from being in the present.
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  10. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    This chapter in Monte's book deals all about your current present TMS issue that you are searching for the answers for. At the end of the chapter that's probably why he instructs to : "READ IT AGAIN".

    Since you have his book, I would copy this chapter and learn it by rote to internalize it's vocabulary. It's the vocabulary of meditation--"being in the present", "being in the now", "being the detached observer", "consciously aware", "stay present by withdrawing your energy from the past and the future", etc.

    This chapter is one of those you copy and put on your refrigerator--it's 14 pages so you'll have to move those magnets and photos around to make room. I think this chapter is Monte's key chapter on the "secrets" to healing. And, he emphasizes the need to breathe. I think mastering this chapter will be the key to breaking through the TMS stage you are in.

  11. NicoleB34

    NicoleB34 Well known member

    Ezer posted this somewhere, and it reminded me of your post. "how to stop excessive thinking".

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