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Monte Hueftle Master Program

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Leonor, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Leonor

    Leonor Peer Supporter

  2. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello. We have had quite a bit of discussion about Monte's program on this forum so you might want to do a search with his name. I benefited a lot from his master practice. Some of the audio programs that come with the book are the best I have worked with. For me he was able to explain things in such a way that I could get past the theory and really address how to redirect my thoughts moment to moment. His program is the one that helped me the most in the beginning when I felt really stuck in constant pain. It is worth taking a look at.
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  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I haven't studied the Monte Hueftle program but from the outline it looks like an extension of Dr. Sarno's books.
    Many of us need more than just being told our pain is caused by TMS and need techniques and tools for healing.
    Hueftle offers those. It's a lot to pay for the help but could be worth the money.
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  4. Leonor

    Leonor Peer Supporter

    Hi Anne, Thank you for your reply. I did look into the search engine and I did not find any feedback from people that have used the Master Practice Program. I do have enough info about the content of the program but not really how it is carried out. If you did it maybe you can tell me.
  5. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

    Leonor, I gather that Monte's program involves stopping repressing emotional baggage in the here and now, rather than digging deep and trying to find and release some traumatic emotion buried deep in your psyche long ago. His point is well taken, I believe, that our emotionally repressive coping styles, the ones that cause and perpetuate TMS pain, are taking place right here, right now, on a day-to-day basis. Forever engaging in psychological archeology can actually distract you from doing the real work of TMS recovery. I think the common coin for that kind of strategy is becoming a "therapy junkie" instead of following through on Steve Ozanich's admonition to "Just live!" Of course, some people do seem to need to go back to the beginning of the TMS process in their personal lives before they can get down to doing the work right now.
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  6. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    For some of us, in the beginning, it is very overwhelming starting to work on our TMS. It is also very exciting to discover something that we recognize ourselves in and that holds so much promise. I had tried many different approaches and therapies over the years and when I started reading in more depth about TMS, I don't know how to describe it other than I felt it to be true. I didn't have any doubts about the TMS theory. I did have a lot of doubts about myself and whether or not I was going to be able to implement the changes I needed to make. TMS is about repressing emotions but it is also about our chronic thinking patterns, our internal bully, how forgiving we can learn to be to ourselves, and how our nervous system has been trained to react to stress. I initially did Schubiner's Unlearn Your Pain, which is very good. I then ordered Monte's Master Practice and read his book and listened to his audio recording. This is when I was still very much trapped in the thick of the chronic pain. I had such a difficult time thinking about anything other than how much it hurt. Most of my pain at that time was in the right side of my neck/shoulder and back of my head. There was something about Monte's book and audio recordings that I found very soothing and encouraging. He really reinforces what we are doing every time we are thinking about the pain and the ways in which we are being, present day, that feed the syndrome. Perhaps it was time and the combination of all these programs that slowly moved me towards recovery. When you are really suffering, anything that offers a little hope and encouragement is a huge blessing and Monte's program did that for me. The "program" is really very simple, it just involves reading his short book and listening to the audio program.
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  7. Leonor

    Leonor Peer Supporter

    Thank you Bruce and Anne, I think I will order his program. He also offers email support and that is important to me also. I am pretty much over looking into my past, I did it with Schubiner's book. I just want to look forward to my pain-free days. I have done some progress, but my chronic fatigue came back strong and I am aware that conditioning is a big part of my daily life. I reconditioned my body to exercise, now I need to recondition it to let go of the pain.

  8. myg

    myg New Member

    I also got his book and found it and the recordings quite helpful. Digging around in the past never felt like it really helped me. However, Monte's program helped me understand how I create tension every day on a moment to moment basis. The past is so far away, but realizing how I create stress every day by striving and through my habits of mind really helped.

    He's got a lot of great free videos on YouTube if you want to give him a try: http://www.youtube.com/user/MonteLHueftle
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  9. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Leonor,
    There is a thread in which I mentioned this program. I agree with Anne, it resonated with me and really got me over the final hump. I was completely free of leg spasm pain within a few weeks after that ( 4 months total.) His book and cd were worth every penny to become pain free. I had spent untold thousands on torturous procedures prior to discovering Dr Sarno so Montes concrete tips and techniques just cinched the deal for me. Every person's contribution has value in my opinion.
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  10. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Bruce provided a terrific overview of Monte's approach. The focus is more about what you are repressing now, instead of 10 years ago. If you, or anyone else, want to read more about his ideas, we do have an archive of a lot of his blog posts at the Monte Hueftle Archive.
  11. Magicbird

    Magicbird New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm fairly new to TMS. I just came across Ozanich's book about 3 months ago, which was my introduction to Dr. Sarno's work. I realize I need to go deeper, and I'm not sure which way to go. I read a comment on another website by a woman who did Schubiner's $250.00 program and she felt for her it was worth it. She also commented, though, that it was a lot of writing and a lot of work. I just wonder if any of you have any sense of which is the best way to go--through Schubiner's Unlearn Your Pain program or Huefltle's program or any other program.
    I also wonder about the Zero Pain Now program--I ordered the book, but it turns out you need the workbook too? I've already read 3 of Sarno's books and they've helped but I've seemed to reach a plateau, and now I feel like I'm just reading a lot of books that are repetitious but I'm not gaining any more ground. I'm a full believer, but I still have chronic pain and a lot of emotional pain (although much may be due to a recent sad and very stressful event in my life).

    So what of all you've read and done has helped you the most to get better? Any comparisons of books and the programs? What about Sarno's original 2-session lessons, which I believe are sold as DVDs now? Any help will be deeply appreciated
  12. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Magicbird,
    They are all good programs but Monte's program resonated with me when I got stuck. That's just my personal story however and everyone is different. I really didn't have the time to journal and his book and cd got me over the final hump. At that time I was suffering from legs and lower back pain (spasms etc.) . It's not that his ideas are original (he has a dry style as well) but he just packaged it in a way that I could assimilate easily and quickly. Dr. Schubiner is highly regarded and thorough so you cant go wrong with that program either. Anyway I just wanted to relay my experience. At the end of the day whatever works for you as an individual is what matters. Good luck and don't worry about the plateau! It's part of the process for most.
  13. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Miffybunny. I've been watching some of Monte's Youtube videos and like his healing techniques.

    Magicbird, yes, the new sad and stressful event most likely triggered a past experience that brought your pain back.
    Maybe try journaling about the connection of present to past to find relief again.
  14. nowtimecoach

    nowtimecoach Well known member

    hi magicbird, I bought Schubinar's book/workbook Unlearn Your Pain and it really helped me. It was a lot cheaper than the $250 investment but if you need the accountability and online support then its worth it to invest in his program. I talk about the money and then I think of how much I spent on those damned tests and doctor appts!!
  15. Magicbird

    Magicbird New Member

  16. Magicbird

    Magicbird New Member


    So you did both 'Schubiner's Unlearn Your Pain' AND 'Monte's Master Practice'? Do you mean Schubiner's book and CD, or do you mean his $250 program?

    It sounds as if you feel that Monte's program was more helpful to you. Am I correct?


    PS: I went to UT/Austin, lived in Austin for years. I miss it.
  17. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Magicbird,

    I did Dr Schubiner's Book and CD. Dr Schubiner also took a look at my MRI and gave me encouragement when I needed it the most. I have tremendous respect for him and his work. Its hard for me to say which was more helpful but I probably did listen to Monte's CD more times. He gave me a little foothold when it was all really overwhelming. He just broke things down in a way I could easily digest at the time. Hope that helps.

    Not sure when you were last in Austin but it is really growing. I hardly recognize it.
  18. Magicbird

    Magicbird New Member

    To Anne Walker,

    Thanks, Anne. I think I'll try Monte's first. I'm not really big on listening to CDs, so the more inviting the CD the better. Last time I was in Austin was when my father passed away in 2010. Before that, I'd been going back there to Austin a lot--2-3x/year--to help care for Dad (I had a job where I could do that).
    So I really miss those trips to Austin now. My favorite place was The Broken Spoke.

    Jane (Magicbird)
  19. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    magicbird, I think you will get a lot of help from Monte's CD. It will give you a lot of good techniques to work on.
    Anne Walker knows a good thing.
  20. Leonor

    Leonor Peer Supporter

    [ I'll try Monte's first. I'm not really big on listening to CDs, so the more inviting the CD the better.]

    Hi Magicbird,
    I think that everyone has a different experience. I still wonder when people heal so fast and wish it would be me, but I have come to terms with the fact that we are all different. I am still struggling but I am aware that this is the only way. I ordered Monte's books/CDs's, Schubiners, Sarno of course, and even though they helped, it did not lead me to real healing. In my case I have to deal with absolutely no understanding and support of my friends and most of my family. I always seem in control but inside I feel like a little girl, and that is where my healing has begun, and that is the directions I am taking. The other day I was talking to a friend that told me that she comes from a very dysfunctional family and after 4 generations she is changing this vicious cycle. Her most revealing statement was that she never felt like a victim, no matter how abusive her mother was and I think that is a that is very strong tool. I realize I need to feel strong from the inside, stop struggling with the past, think emotional towards the pain and become more active. Books and programs help, but ultimately the healing comes from within us.
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