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Mindset and Brain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Tim666, May 26, 2020.

  1. Tim666

    Tim666 Newcomer

    Hey guys

    I am new to this forum and basically found here by reading "Unlearn your pain" from Schubiner. I am not done yet but already have a lot of questions coming up my mind.

    Just a quick intro about myself:
    I am just 20 years old, have had a cascade of symptoms over the past two years, most of them disguised as tendonitis or sports injuries (non-acute) ( ranging from hip to knee to foot, back, elbow everything). I actually managed to get rid of almost all of them over the last two years by learning probably everything there is about (regular) injuries and biomechanics. Right off the bat this seems pretty weird to me as I am basically 100% sure that these things were TMS and not actual injuries (at least not all the time, some of them were in the beginning but they stayed way too long for that). Anybody has an idea how? I mean I'd say placebo effect but I am not entirely sure...
    My big passion is (kick)boxing, something I haven't done since I got my first hip problems, which was two years ago. By now the main thing holding me back is my foot (feels like plantar fasciitis but yeah let's just screw that term for good, it is TMS). Probably the only reason I am still on my way to fix all my crap (sorry) is because I know that one day I will have my gloves back on but that day won't come if I just stop trying.

    So this actually leads to my first question:
    1. I am somebody that is very goal-oriented. The only reason I haven't giving up on fixing my issues was because I had this attitude of as long as I try there is a chance. Now I read a lot of times in this forum that I should 'stop trying'. I am horribly confused by this (as probably a lot of people before me).
    How do I stop trying? Especially with a goal so concrete, how can I not try and still be okay with myself (I personally can't stand it to not give everything and still expect something, I mean without 'trying' I wouldn't even be here and have fixed almost all my symptoms or do I get sth wrong?)? And what do you exactly mean by stop trying? If it is just to stop focus on the pain then this leads to my second question:

    2. I was wondering if this whole TMS diagnosis means that I can just go out and do whatever I want to do now? Like can I just box and run however it pleases me, try to ignore the pain and if I push through long enough it will go away (ofc given that I do the exercises in the book)? I mean I get that my brain is just creating it, the acceptance of the fact wasn't all too hard for me as I was already of that opinion before, I just had a different reasoning behind it (less pyschological, more focused on the senses of the brain and what they create). So what is your take on this?

    3. Links with the previous one. I think TMS is real but it doesn't explain everything to me. There are other factors I think play a role in this (brain related, not structurally related). To everybody wondering what I am talking about, just look up PRI. And don't get confused by the name, biomechanics is actually secondary in their approach. Now is this way of thinking a problem? I just don't like black-and-white thinking as I guess that is the reason our medical system is the way it is now - aka people suffering.

    4. Finally one really important point for me: I know that the injuries were once caused by messed up biomechanics. Now through the discovery of TMS I actually think I found the missing puzzle peace and will get back to boxing/running soon. While that is absolutely great, I also don't want to get (really) injured right away when I start. So is it okay if I fix my biomechanics while at it with the TMS? Do you think this will create some sort of conflict between thinking it is TMS and also doing something else or is it enough that I actually believe in TMS and reassure me that it is just additional to fix my movement?

    Thanks already for your help, I really appreciate it and btw, amazing work you are doing here, seems like you are changing lifes for real!

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  2. Michlthoda

    Michlthoda Guest

    in short he is just asking for a second chance also he sent this to me over msn over multiple ims so the enters may be at random spots

    he does seem to want to return though cause he spent at least 15 minutes writeing the long version
  3. Tim666

    Tim666 Newcomer

    Second chance? MSN? Could you maybe enlighten me?

    I haven't been on this forum before if this is what you are trying to say. Also if someby sent you this on ANY other channel I would greatly appreciate it if you would tell me who and where because I don't even have msn so this is kind of confusing to me.

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