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Audio Mindbody Podcast

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by lauraseago, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. lauraseago

    lauraseago Peer Supporter

    Hi everyone!

    If you're not already subscribed to the "Like Mind, Like Body" podcast... give it a listen! It's a totally free resource that almost acts as 'continuing education' in the mindbody connection/ TMS sphere.

    You can access the podcast:
    On the Curable website
    On iTunes
    On Google Music

    We try and put out at least a couple of episodes per month, all with current research, data, and stories to support evidence of the mindbody connection. We've had the pleasure of hosting a few of the wiki's favorite TMS physicians on the show in a casual setting, and asked them many of the questions you'll find floating around here.

    The latest episode features Dr. Howard Schubiner, author of "Unlearn Your Pain." He talks about his latest study on fibromyalgia, which you may have seen was featured by Bustle!

    If you like the show and want us to keep putting these interviews out, here's how you can help!
    • Let us know you want more by leaving a 5-star review on the iTunes page! It only takes a minute and it's a huge help to us. The more momentum we get, the more resources we can invest in creating free resources like this for everyone to enjoy. Plus, the more 5-star reviews we get, the more likely it is that we can get featured on iTunes and bring these interviews with TMS professionals to a MUCH larger audience.

    • Share any of the episodes, or the podcast itself with your friends! It's hard to talk about TMS at a cocktail party, but it's NOT hard to share a podcast.... which can be a great icebreaker to a productive conversation with your friends and family.
    Lastly, if you have any feedback, love the show, hate the show, want to hear from a certain guest, want to share your favorite episode, leave a comment here! I'm the host, so I'll see everything you write, and I will try to respond to any questions.

    As we come out with more episodes, I'll continue to post them on this thread so we can keep the conversation in a central place :) Below, I've listed all of our past episodes that you can find on iTunes, Google Music, or our website.

    Thanks, hope you guys enjoy!!


    Episode #1 - Your Parents Might Be the Reason for that Pain in Your Butt (Dr. David Clarke)
    Dr. David Clarke has spent his career helping people recover from mysterious aches and pains across their body. The diagnosis? "Stress Illness" - the body's extreme physical reaction to emotional factors. 60% of the time, he says, the stress dates back to childhood, where parents have the opportunity to make or break a child's chances of developing pain. Join us as Dr. Clarke shares some of his wildest stories, along with what he's learned as a parent and how to avoid falling into the "tough love trap."

    Episode #2 - Even Yoga Masters Break Down Sometimes (Leslie Kaminoff)
    Leslie Kaminoff has been an internationally recognized yoga and breathing expert for decades. So what happened when he lost his breath for six months? When he lost control of his body? When he lost touch with his emotions? Join us as Leslie recounts his deeply personal journey to "mastery," and shares what he's learned about life, yoga, and the power of breath. Read the full transcript »

    Episode #3 - Forgiveness Is Not What You Think It Is (Dr. Fred Luskin)

    Forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation. It’s not the same as justice or vengeance. So what on earth is it? After years of personal struggle with an unforgiving heart, Dr. Fred Luskin knew something had to change. Today, he serves as the Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project, and author of several books on forgiveness. Join us as Dr. Luskin explores the meaning of forgiveness, and explains how to develop it as a skill, take back your power, and restore your physical health. Read an excerpt here »

    Episode #4 - What a Pain in the Brain! (Neuroscientist Dr. Tor Wager)

    "What does it matter what we think?" That's the question Dr. Tor Wager has spent years in the research lab trying to answer. Now, as Director of the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab at CU Boulder, he uses brain imaging studies to understand the neural connection between our thoughts, feelings, and physical pain. Join us as he breaks down the placebo effect, explains the neuroscience of chronic pain, and shares stories of just how powerful the mindbody connection is. Read an excerpt here »

    Episode #5 - Writing to Heal Your Life (John Evans)

    John Evans knows first-hand how transformative a few writing sessions can be to someone’s physical and mental health. 13 years ago, he picked up Jamie Pennebaker’s hallmark book Writing to Heal and used it to navigate his life’s biggest challenges, including a struggle with PTSD and an advanced cancer diagnosis. Today, he’s devoted his life to helping others transform their lives the way he has. He runs a 6-week intensive writing program, and even ended up co-authoring a book with Jamie Pennebaker called “Expressive Writing: Words that Heal.” Join us as he explains the connection between our words and our health, and gives tips on how to use expressive writing effectively. Read an excerpt here »

    Episode #6 - From Medical Mystery to MD: How Dr. John Stracks Was Saved By Sarno
    Before he was a doctor, John Stracks was the medical mystery no one could figure out. With neurological symptoms extending all across his body, he was desperate for anything that would work. After finally finding a surprising cure, he became obsessed with helping others who seemed “incurable” through the same techniques that he used. Join us as Dr. Stracks reveals his personal journey from patient to MD, and provides insight into why his methods have taken some time to gain popularity. Read an excerpt here »

    Episode #7 - Here’s Why Your Diet Isn’t Working, According to Science (Dr. Alia Crum)
    Why do diets make you feel so hungry? Why do some people only lose weight when they stop counting calories? How come you can exercise just as much as your peers, but not see the same results? Stanford professor and mindset researcher Dr. Alia Crum has been focused on answering these questions for the past decade. Join us as we investigate just how much of an impact our thoughts and feelings have on the effectiveness of diets, exercise, trips to the doctor, and more. Read an excerpt here »

    Episode #8 - Unraveling the Mystery of Fibromyalgia (Howard Schubiner, MD)
    Dr. Howard Schubiner has appeared on the list of Best Doctors In America three times - and there’s a good reason why. Patients flock to him from around the country to get simple, straightforward answers to chronic aches and pains that baffle most physicians. Fibromyalgia, chronic widespread pain with no evidence of structural tissue damage, ranks near the top of that list. Dr. Schubiner joins us to explain his understanding of fibromyalgia, and why he thinks his methods have produced results where even the most cutting-edge drugs have failed. Read an excerpt here »
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