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Mind work/affirmations

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by allinthemind, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. allinthemind

    allinthemind Peer Supporter


    So just read a book called mind power in the 21st century by John kehoe, so started doing a bit more mind work.

    But a little unsure of some affirmations and thoughts that I should be using. Can anyone enlighten me if I need to break down my affirmations and keep them clear simple and very basic or can I go with a vague one of does it not matter.

    For example should I use 'nourish my body with oxygenated blood', 'let myself feel my emotions' or keep it a bit more vague like 'let mybody heel' 'I have optimal health'.

    Thx for reading.
  2. Sonic

    Sonic Peer Supporter

    Just picked up this book myself this week and have been practicing affirmations and visualisation. I've been using affirmations like:

    "My body is a healing machine"

    "I'm healing everyday"

    "I'm happy, relaxed and confident"

    I know the author says keep them less than 10 words and to not use words such as no and not, can't.

    would be interested in other people's opinions also.
  3. Sonic

    Sonic Peer Supporter

    "Let my body heal" and "let me feel my emotions"

    I would cut the "let"out of these statements.

    Maybe use something like;

    "My body is healing"

    "Im comfortable feeling my emotions"

    I think with affirmations you have to use statements like they are in the present moment.

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