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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by North Star, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Marla

    Marla Peer Supporter

    You will all do fine! I started meno symptoms in my mid 30’s and I had it bad, crying jags, nights sweats, hot flashes. And my periods were all over the place the last few years then stopped at 37!

    Back then no healthcare and no doctors knowing about early menopause I felt alone with my fears. And no internet to look up my questions.

    Few years later my dad paid for me to have healthcare, I had tests that showed obviously menopause, they said I was too young and put me on hormones that forced a period. This was before they knew the pills caused problems.

    5 years later I read a article saying the pills could cause breast cancer so I went off them even though doctor said to stay on.

    So here I am at 61, I dance, walk, hike for exercise. I try to eat healthy...but wine, sugar...my downfalls!

    I haven’t had any symptoms for decades except no sexual desire. I did start using estrace cream this past year, done in natural form by compounding place. I only use small amount about once a week for dryness.

    I do have a lot of anxiety that triggers my TMS symptoms which started with back problems most of my life and now that I am on to that have moved around.
  2. karinabrown

    karinabrown Well known member

    Hi all,

    Lot of this topic comes from 2015 .. love to hear from those ladies now ?
    Did you find a way to cope better and how ?

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