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Many symptoms - not sure if TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Nick2742, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Nick2742

    Nick2742 New Member


    I just discovered the existence of TMS two days ago, and it has given me some hope. I read Dr. Sarno’s book The Mindbody Prescription, but I have some questions regarding my symptoms, as I don’t know which ones are TMS and which ones are not. Let me also say that I been evaluated by doctors for all of my symptoms.

    The following are my symptoms:

    Sciatica/piriformis syndrome - 4 years

    Started out of the blue right after high school. I had an MRI and underwent physical therapy without any success. It is now four years later and it’s not as severe as when it first started, but still very bothersome. Sitting can be unbearable.

    Bilateral wrist and hand pain - 1 year

    This forced me to drop out of university and quit working. I can’t use a computer or even hold a book for very long before my hands and wrists begin to ache. The more I used them the more they hurt. If I'm writing with a pen or pencil the pain gradually ramps up and my handwriting becomes illegible after a couple of minutes. It started one day when I was playing video games for an extended period, and it sounds very similar to what @Forest described. I saw a rheumatologist and went to occupational therapy without any success.

    At the same time that that started, my hands started to become sensitive to heat and cold, and they turn red when the temperature is above 70 degrees fahrenheit or below 50. They also turn red if I move them too much. I suspect that the aching is TMS, but what about the redness? Does TMS ever show visible symptoms?

    And three months ago I was doing some stretches, and I must have been overdoing it because it caused one of my wrists to pop every time I rotate it, which is painful. Unfortunately, I don’t think this new symptom is related to TMS because I can hear it as well as feel it. Or could it be TMS?

    Pain in my whole back - 6 months

    This started when I tried to go back to college last fall. It makes sense that it would be TMS because it was a very stressful time for me. Because this pain is very distracting, I can usually only sleep once I’ve become sleep deprived. I went to physical therapy and did the exercises but no improvement.

    Knee pain - 2 months

    This pain developed after I started taking the supplement Wobenzym N, which I thought might help with my “tendonitis”. The knee pain has gradually improved, but it’s still very painful run or to sit cross legged.

    Left shoulder pain - 2 months

    I think this started initially from putting too much pressure on my arm the way sit. I have adjusted my posture but I still have the pain. I can't put any pressure on my shoulder when I'm sleeping or else it hurts. The shoulder pops when I rotate it, so this may be structural and not TMS.

    I would appreciate some help figuring out what is TMS and what isn’t.

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. birder

    birder Well known member

    Which is TMS? All of it.
    Easy for me to say, right? But you've been checked out by doctors. Did the scans. You've gone the PT route with no improvement - even some worsening. Probably you've tried a lot of other things too. Your life is all about your symptoms.
    That's TMS. You've come to the right place! Add The Great Pain Deception to your reading list, and start healing.
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  3. Paigeee

    Paigeee Peer Supporter

    I completely agree with Birder's statement--clearly, you've seen many doctors and there isn't anything structurally wrong, or you'd know by now. All these varying symptoms go along with TMS. Start delving deep into emotions that are negative. What are the feelings you could be suppressing that triggers the TMS? I know it's hard to think through the pain, but when you do, you get a great deal of clarity as to why you're having the pain in the first place.
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  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Wow..you got the whole TMS Combo plate. I have had all of those at one point... mostly after I recovered from my initial TMS which was sciatica/back pain. The others appeared as distractions at certain vital points (Bad marriage, job pressure, family responsibilities, financial crises) ...I never went to college but I am sure that would have been one too.... the good news is they ALL go away as your awareness increases.
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