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Day 19 Makes me proud?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ikiwismet, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. ikiwismet

    ikiwismet New Member

    At first nothing came to mind when I pondered if something I had done since starting the program made me proud. Then I realized that what I had undertaken was profoundly difficult work.

    My therapist, who is not a TMS therapist, has said that I am quite courageous in taking this on. She looked at the program and said that it seemed like good work, but that she wasn't qualified to help me in it. It was as she put it barebones no defenses psychology. I have already done a lot over a couple of decades. When I started I was deeply depressed, had no affect, and would take an extraordinary amount of time before answering the simplest question about how I felt. I'm now free of depression and can know what I am feeling.

    Specifically the program's structured journaling, and delving into past events (I've come up with quite a few considering how little I remember of my childhood) has already brought me to a more direct experience of my emotional state and through that the possibility of getting my TMS under control.

    So I guess what I'm proud of is just being willing to do the work.
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