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Made a chiro appt, cancelled it because I felt guilty.

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Stef, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Stef

    Stef Peer Supporter

    I have been virtually pain-free & managing well emotionally so I haven't been on here in almost a year. Time to time I do experience a little pain but that is when I am too stressed out in school & then I know it is a signal to ease up on myself. I am on summer break right now & have been working more & while I haven't had "pain", I have been sore & a little stiff. I thought "I should get a chiropractic adjustment to loosen things up." Part of it is that I have met my deductible for the year already since I had a small umbilical hernia that I had repaired (so I would pay next to nothin). Also, he is office is about a mile from me...so I wouldn't be inconvenienced. I am a frugal person & was so angry after I read Healing Back Pain last summer (but glad to have found my solution). All the money I had "wasted" in my opinion disgusted me. Anyway...that was my reasoning. I just thought it would feel good. So last night & this morning I was feeling guilty about the appointment (like a drunk that was going to go to a bar & falling off the wagon) so I cancelled it. I know I made the right decision. My question is...do you think this was TMS trying to rear it's ugly head? Perhaps there is something going on subconsciously I should be concerned about. I am not looking for validation to make an appointment (I am not going to)...I just wonder why I even made it in the first place. So I started reading Steve Ozanich's book (which I haven't read) to reinforce my learning since I haven't had to revisit any books in awhile. I asked this question on the "Ask a Therapist" forum as well.
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  2. MikeInFlorida

    MikeInFlorida New Member

    I am new to all of this and still learning. I can tell you that the few times I went to the chiropractor, I left feeling about the same or worse. I also felt like my symptoms got worse the closer I got to his office while driving, as weird as that sounds. The same held true for physical therapy, neurologists, etc. I would be feeling a small amount of pain, but as soon as I got into those offices, it would increase. Almost like I was giving it legitimacy, and letting it feed off of that.
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  3. Stef

    Stef Peer Supporter

    True...I am so glad I didn't go. That is why I cancelled. For one, I felt like I was "falling off the wagon" & secondly, I felt it may trigger something & I would START having problems. I just can't bring myself to go. Physical Therapy helped me sometimes in the past...a little bit, but I won't do that again either. Same goes for massage, Rolfing, all of it. I would feel like I am doing a bad thing. None of it made any difference in the end anyway. Luckily my mind was open & I saw the truth after reading Healing Back Pain. The truth shall set you free!!
  4. E. Lynn

    E. Lynn Peer Supporter

    I have a different opinion on this. I think it is okay to go to the chiropractor occasionally, it just doesn't need to be a habit where you are ignoring the TMS underneath. I went the other day, and hadn't been in two years. It helped loosen my tight muscles in my trapezium. Also, both my daughters don't have TMS, and the occassional visit has benefited them. I realize this might not be the most popular opinion, but each person should do what they have found to be helpful so as long as they know the underlying cause of the pain and continue to work on that.
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  5. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    I agree with you. As with everything in life there are great practitioners and then there are the rest. The great practitioners generally possess a rich understanding of the mind~body and understand that they are simply easing, soothing, relaxing and assisting the healing process. We heal ourselves.
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  6. Stef

    Stef Peer Supporter

    Thank you. Yes, I found the Facebook group & posted this there as well. Several had the same idea & Matthew was especially insightful. I decided to reschedule the appointment & have it Monday afternoon. I really like my chiro & I am just wanting him to loosen up my back & neck. I am just feeling a little stiff & attribute that to my strength & yoga work. I have tried popping my own back & can't quite get it how I know he can. I am not having pain. My main problem were my hips. That NEVER has returned. I also had summer upper back (mostly left shoulder blade). That does come back time to time & it is ALWAYS when I start getting too stressed & hard on myself (my problem is perfectionist tendencies). I realize it & within 30 minutes (for the most part) it will disappear. Like I am a magician. I now know what is going on & am living a more enlightened existence. So this will be a more pleasurable experience than all the other times when I just felt so desperate & hung up on the outcomes. I am not expecting much more than that release of my bones. I am glad I am back "doing the work" though. I love reading about the topic.
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