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Lump in abdomen

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by riverrat, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. riverrat

    riverrat Well known member

    This is probably not even relevant to post here, but I am anyway:

    So my 16 year old son started doing even more weight lifting last spring. He's getting bulked up for football. He noticed a small lump in his left lower abdomen. I Took him to sports medicine doctor last April. Dr did not feel it was anything to be worried about and said to not do anything. I told him I'd rather get it checked out more so he agreed and did an ultrasound. Ultrasound came back as normal. It never hurt him. He felt like it might have gotten a little smaller over the summer, but is noticing it again now, possibly bigger. Noticed a burning sensation recently once when doing alot of jumping up and down. Otherwise not painful and no other symptoms or illness. Football season has been going on for him since August.

    He had a hernia surgery there when he was 4 years old. Well, the surgery repair was lower but on same side. Also had undescended testicle on that side when he was little but it finally came down. It bothers him just because he said it shouldn't be there and wants to get rid of it. BUT it seems useless to get it checked again, doesn't it, when ultrasound came back normal? It costed $1000.00 the first time because of crappy insurance. But I will probably take him in again to a different doctor. This will be a 3rd opinion really. ( the sports medicine doctor and radiologist before).

    To me it seems weight lifting related since he'd been pushing himself hard lifting all winter before this appeared. That and possibly scar tissue from a hernia surgery? I asked him why it's bothering him now when he hadn't said anything since last April when we got it checked out. I asked him if it hurts or if it scares him. He just said no, it just shouldn't be there and he wants it to not be there. I'm a big user of essential oils. So I told him to start rubbing those on every day to make it go away. ( placebo if nothing else) And to visualize it gone. Anyone else have any thoughts???
  2. BeWell

    BeWell Well known member

    [Deleted at BeWell's request]
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