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Low Back and Shoulder issues

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Sumol, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Sumol

    Sumol New Member

    Hey Team,

    I want to first start off by saying that I have recovered from numerous TMS symptoms. I had tinnitus, blurred vision(for 7weeks), migraines for 19 years, fibromyalgia, RSI, knee pain and nerve pain in my feet and body. Some of this took awhile, but they all eventually went away with TMS approach.

    I'm 26 years old and 2 current issues are my low back and shoulder(I've had both for a year now). I was lifting about a year ago and threw out my back. It was so stiff I couldn't walk upright for a few days. I eventually went to the doctors and got an X-ray done. One doctor said I had arthritis and that if i didn't stop lifting my back would get worse. Then I saw another doctor who said it was only a little wear and tear, but nothing serious. Lastly, I contacted Dr. Schubiner who said he didn't see anything wrong in the x-ray. I'm back to lifting and deadlifting heavy weights, but I still get stiffness in the morning and a little pain when I lean back a bit or do the cobra stretch. It feels good and bad, but I would say I usually feel it there except on really good days.

    Second thing I have is strain in my shoulder. I had two shoulder surgeries on the same side. One for a labrum tear and another for shoulder impingement(both were before I knew about TMS, a few years ago). Day to day, my shoulder is usually fine. I can lift my arms above my head, lift weights, box, etc. The shoulder pain/discomfort issue arises when I'm doing flat bench, dumbbell fly or even carrying the weights for awhile. It's not serious pain, but it feels like a lot of pressure on my shoulder joints and like they gas out easily. The pain areas I feel this are the top of my shoulder, rotator cuff/rear delt and shoulder blade. Even with rest, I get back to do those lifts and it starts up again. I get the same sensation when I box. Not pain, but like they tire out and the joint/shoulder has a hard time keeping my hands up. Whether it's heavy weights or light weights, high reps causes the joint or rotator cuff to feel tired, but not the muscles I'm targeting. I've done exercises for them and can push through the discomfort, but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced these issues? Do you think I just have some muscle imbalances and need to exercise particular spots more?

    I'm about 210lbs and have been lifting for quite awhile. My deadlift and squats have been over 300lbs, but my bench is only around 165-175 because the shoulder feels so tired even with lighter weight. I also get nervous going higher with deadlifting because of my incident a year ago. I thought about getting my shoulder looked at, but I feel like the last 2 surgeries were a waste and they would just say it's because of those that my shoulder is the way it is.

    This feels a bit different than my normal TMS symptoms, but I am grateful they aren't as serious or prevent me from working and living life. Thanks in advance for anyone who reads this and provides some help.
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  2. mister_burger

    mister_burger New Member

    hey sumol,

    I think some lifts are just not good for some people's body types. I could never bench, because my wrists would hurt. No matter what grip, what machine, or how my friends helped me. I just couldn't. If it wasn't my wrists it was my shoulder. I don't know why. I even had some former champions in their 50s, 60s coach me and I admit I couldn't do it without pain.

    The other lifts are ok though. My best friend always had some tightness in his shoulder when doing overhead presses. For whatever reason he decided to ignore the signal for years and in Feb he finally managed to dislocate his shoulder doing dumbbell presses and ended with a sling for 3 weeks, off work, after they put his shoulder back at the hospital. Now he can't mentally step back in the gym, since he hurt himself so bad there they called an ambulance. I guess there's some shame associated with the experience too.

    Anyways, I'm not trying to tell you to stop lifting weights. I can't stop working out eithr. But I changed my routine, stopped listening to the gurus at my gym and their dogma. I switched to more calisthenics/rubber bands and I feel better. My joints are better and my body is too.

    If your body doesn't feel good or mentally you don't feel good doing X lift with X weight, then trying something radically different for a while can help and you may come back stronger. I had some shoulder pain doing pullups. I stopped for a while, did only resistance bands for a while (maybe 6 months), doing moves which didn't hurt, and when I got back to pullups my shoulder stop clicking and hurting. Funny thing.
  3. MedicineWithin

    MedicineWithin Peer Supporter

    Hey! I think I could possibly help guide you with the shoulder issue if you would be open to it. I am an athlete as well and feel that there are some aspects of TMS that seem to apply especially with people who participate and perform in sports related activities. All my TMS symptoms (sciatica, chronic pain, sleep problems, IBS, have gone away since I've my understanding of mind/body/spirit opened. The only symptom that creeps back in is the tinnitus from time to time. Maybe we can help each other! Message me if it feels like it might fit with you.

  4. JulieMTherapy

    JulieMTherapy Peer Supporter

    Hey There! I power lift and was diagnosed with hip impingement years ago. I could barely move my hips now I squat and deadlift.

    It's really easy to buy into the fact that you could be damaging yourself by lifting heavy but you're not. Shoulder impingement/hip impingement are normal abnormalities. They do not have to cause you pain. I'd wonder what deeper meaning weight lifting has for you and what your body is communicating to you about how you feel about it!

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