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Losing the will .

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Snowman, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Snowman

    Snowman Peer Supporter

    I feel today like I'm loosing the will the to live. My calfs feel strange all the time . And pudrenal nerve in left testicle and sharp pin pain in private part comes and goes. Muscle twitching in legs and forearm pain every day #:mad:ing day is driving me insane.
    Have a neruo appointment on the 10th. And pain clinic on the 8th of this month but I'm sure they will look at me as I'm crazy. I have a beautiful wife and daughter who's only 3. And feel like a lost soul to them . :-(
  2. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Don’t loose faith in recovery! Because you will recover. There are these days where pain peaks or is getting resally annoying. I know them well - we all do. One thing you can do is telling you over and over again “this shall pass”. And it will! Have you thought of having counseling? Maybe you have a despression that needs some extra attention?
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  3. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    Keep the faith! When I feel low, I remember this from an online note someone who had similar feelings wrote:
    And here's a great article on why you're a miracle - I love reading this when I feel a little lost: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/probability-being-born_b_877853 (Why You Are A Miracle)

    You're just anxious and upset because you're experiencing painful and disruptive symptoms. But those symptoms will calm down once you work on balancing your emotions and stressors. The symptoms are nothing more than a natural bodily response to powerful emotions, AKA the mind-body connection. There is nothing wrong with you. This is what the body was designed to do - every single person on this planet experiences emotionally-driven symptoms, but some of us have more intense symptoms than others. Don't be afraid of this. You have everything to live for.
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