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looking for support

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Leelee19, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. Leelee19

    Leelee19 New Member

    Hi all on the forum.

    I’m on day 25 of the sep and it felt right to post here to ask for some support guidance.

    Some background I had this same pain right hip and back pain about 5 years ago, it was alot worse, I had numb legs. It lasted for over one year and no treatments worked, I spent all my savings trying to help it.
    I found tms out of desperation and the pain
    went away. it took about 4 months or so and it slowly went away.

    I have had flare ups they last one or two weeks and I start the sep and they go.
    I am confident in the tms diagnosis, as I have been pain free before. :))

    This flare has lasted about a month and I am still in pain, I’m on week 3 of the sep.

    I have back pain and hip pain. The pain level is the same. I am doing my best to ignore the pain, and I am also exercising at the gym most days.

    I have noticed that I do have some fear of the pain, but I thought I will gradually increase me weights and exercise to prove to my brain there is nothing wrong with me.
    I will also run as I have had a fear of running and not done it.
    I do also meditate most days and I am journaling on the sep.

    My question is to any fellow tms people on this site, that have gone though this.

    Is there anything else more I can do to help myself ? Any suggestions would be really appreciated. I feel like I am getting a bit
    fear that this will not go away ?

    I really appreciate being able to ask people that understand, thank you to you all.
    Have a good day.

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  2. Aimee88

    Aimee88 Well known member

    Hello and welcome. Interestingly, your symptoms sound a lot like mine, at least what I had towards the end, which was last year. I just came back here today to write my success story. For me, the journaling really helped, just feeling the feelings and getting them out (just on paper, then shredded). I still sit every morning and start with 'what am I feeling?' Fear, guilt, judgement, anger....anything that has been suppressed, repressed, or ignored is perfect to clear out, feel through, and let go. I did the SEP as well and really liked it. When something niggles or hurts, I try to quickly get to 'ok, it's safe to feel whatever, I'm safe to feel, I don't need this pain.' In fact today, as I walked in beautiful scenery, and there was pain in my foot, I was saying 'there is no place for pain in this body. I don't need it. There is nothing wrong with my body.' And then my neck hurt. Ha!! And I repeated...no, no pain is welcome here. And the neck pain went so quickly. And I went back to enjoying the scenery and taking photos, and soon realised that for all the time I was taking photos I was unaware of any pain. (It is all in my head!!) The foot is still trying to sneak in, and I'm open to the guilt that I think is still present and wanting to be felt. I'll sit with that. But I'll also be back on my feet to do what I want, without worry!

    I'm so grateful for this forum. There are so many wise and caring people here.

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