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Day 1 Living with TMS

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by 69fstbk, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. 69fstbk

    69fstbk New Member

    Hello everyone,

    This is Day 1 of my TMS Structured Education Program. I am no stranger to back pain and TMS. Over a year ago my back went out while trying to help my 3-year-old daughter with her shirt. I simply bent down and the rest was history. As with everyone else, I got the X-ray, MRI and attempted all sorts of physical therapy. I stretched everyday (three times a day) and used an inversion table religiously. Out of desparation, I even opted to go through the medevial torture of IDD Therapy. No resutls!

    As a little background....I was very active and ran several marathons and traithalons a year. I had completed a Olympic Triathlon the weekend before my back gave out. In addition, I lifted weights three times a week and considered my self to be in pretty decent physical shape. It always amazed me when the doctors blamed my "week core" and herniated discs as the reason for my back pain.

    Over the course of eight months, my back would go through cylces were it would improve slightly and then return to the locked position. I spent most of those eight months "crooked" because when my back gave out it would shift my torso to the left.

    In January of this year, my back went out again. I had heard about Dr. Sarno and TMS but never really gave it much thought, This time I felt I had nothing to lose. I immediately downloaded the "Mind Body Connection" to my kindle and spent all night reading. That was a Monday. On Tuesday my back was feeling better and I was forcing myself to do activities I quite over the last eight months. My back continued to progress and the following month I ran a 1/2 marathon and finished in my fastest time to date.

    I guess I had a "book healing" because I did not have to meditate, journal or visualize to fix my back...it just happened! Unfortunately, four days ago my back locked up again. I was not performing any kind of strenuous activity just sitting on my deck enjoying dinner. This time was different. It did not lock up immediately. My back became really sore and increased rapidly to the point that by bedtime that night I knew what was going to happen. I immediately pulled out my copy of "Mind Body Connection" and read until I fell asleep. The next morning my back was locked and it has gotten worse over the last couple of days.

    I know it is TMS rearing its ugly head again. Unfortunately, simply rereading Dr Sarno's book is not fixing the problem. I have tried to analyze my thoughts and subconscious but nothing seems to be working. I am going to commit to the Structured Education Program and see how it goes.

    If anyone has a similar experience or advice, please let me know. Thank God for this website and these forums. It's comforting to know that there are people out there that can relate to these painful and frustrating experiences. Thanks.
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Wow, great experience -- I had the same thing happen to me. I got the book cure and then like 2 weeks later it was back. All you need to do is do the steps outlined in the SEP. Stop being so hard on yourself and be very compassionate toward yourself. You will heal in time so don't put a timer on that ok. Focus on your emotions and your personality traits, are you being tensed all the time? loosen up, your going to be just fine. Welcome aboard and bless you.;)
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