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Day 1 Level of Acceptance

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by MCHames, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. MCHames

    MCHames New Member

    I believe with 100% certainty that I have TMS. The timing of my symptoms coming on was no coincidence. I wanted to be a good dad. Alcoholism/drug addiction runs in my family. I decided to give up drinking, overloaded my schedule and was in birthing classes when I developed severe abdominal pain. I spent the next year of my life trying to figure out what was wrong with me as my symptoms went up/down depending on my stress/current treatment. I have spent a fortune trying to figure it out and the only real diagnosis I have had is SIBO/IBS. I have developed an extremely strict diet which consumes my life. My current symptoms are a little bit of insomnia, abdominal pain, itching, heavy bloating and brain fog. I question whether I can get to a place where I will be able to eat normally again. I question whether or not I can get my fears under control to be a good dad/husband. I have always been an anxious person to a certain degree, but it has gone to a new level over the past year. I know it takes time and patience. I'm trying to be as gentle with myself as possible as I have a tendency to beat myself up and put pressure on myself to get things done quickly. Will see how the journey goes...

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