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Day 13 Letter to husband

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Marla, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Marla

    Marla Peer Supporter

    Of course I wrote all the things you wish you could say but are afraid of hurting the other person, starting a fight or some deep rift.

    My husband deals with depression and I struggle not to be co dependent and try to make things better for him. My counselor says he has to fix his own problems but it's hard for me to watch especially since he won't go back to counseling or meds.

    It's hard some days for me not to get pulled into his negative vortex.

    I have a hard time focussing on one thing, I will read my ipad while watching a movie or show. Being in the present and facing emotional stuff is hard.

    I have friends and family in and near napa. I was raised there. So after waking up middle of night and checking fb no more sleep.

    Off to work a closing shift at shop. Everyone in napa is fine, some smashed stuff but fine.
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hope this helps Marla, Bless you

    What to Do When People You Love Don’t Accept You or Your Values

    If you didn’t already know it, we’re in a huge transition time on this planet right now.
    Part of this transition is that each one of us is being called to upgrade our thinking about our own values and what it means to live true to them as human beings.
    Today’s mini-healing session is all about living true to yourself—in a way that actually allows others to support and accept, instead of being upset with you for choosing your own path.
    It starts by changing this one belief…

    Whose life is it anyway?
    First, a side note: if JR already looks familiar to some of you, he should! He is one of the 17 amazing men featured in our Dressing Your Truth for Men TYPE 4SM course. (True story: JR found out about Dressing Your Truth years ago and taught his wife about it!)

    So I’m glad to have JR back on camera with me in this video. As a bold and distinct man who leads with a TYPE 4 Energy, he’s reflective and thinks deeply about his values and staying true to himself.

    But as a result of choosing as an adult to live by a value system different from what he was raised in, it’s stirred up some extreme behaviors from those around him who don’t support his choices and individuality.

    Join us in this insightful conversation and learn how you can identify and clear a limiting belief pattern that might actually be causing people close to you to be upset with your values or decisions.

    for women and now for men, too!

    Which program are you running?
    “If I’m true to myself, I upset other people.”
    Does that sound true to you?

    If it does, you’re actually running an old program that’s only going to invite others to be upset with your values and decisions.

    Old program says: “I have to give up who I am in order to help the tribe (family, culture) survive.”

    New program says: “I have to live true to who I am to help the tribe thrive.”

    Notice the difference?

    Choose today to turn on the new program by clearing the old limiting belief. We’re all doing this together on the emotional and energetic level!

    As you do, your energy will open and you’ll feel more freedom. And you give others permission to live true to themselves, too!

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