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Legit food sensitivity or TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by NoMind, Feb 2, 2022.

  1. NoMind

    NoMind New Member

    Hi there!

    i’m a 31 y/o male, and i have recovered/am still recovering (because let’s face it, it’s quite the process, right?) from a combination of sciatica and IBS symptoms. My back pain symptoms are largely gone (may resume if i don’t work my emotions right) and i am exercising and having fun with my body and my stomach is most of the time a-ok.

    however in times of stress i experience relapses especially in the gastrointestinal area, and in other more relaxed times i still run into something that i am not sure if is a manifestation of TMS or not—

    While i don’t normally experience full blown IBS attacks I do find that certain foods aggravate me (that I dont think did that in the past). For instance (and this is my pain point) — everytime i eat something garlic-y i tend to bloat again and generally feel ‘meh’.

    i know from reading here and there that garlic has that effect on people, and yet still i can’t ignore my inherent disposition towards stress that manifests in my body.

    So i’d ask—what gives? Is there any way to rule out one way or the other?

    thank you friends!
  2. MedicineWithin

    MedicineWithin Peer Supporter

    There could be a kind of strange association happening. This happens so much in our culture and society today with the pre-occupation and obsession with food. If it's only when you eat garlic then you can stop eating garlic and over time you'll probably forget about it. Then maybe when you are out to dinner, at an event or some other circumstance you will realize you ate garlic and had to issues. Then you know its tms and the preoccupation with food. Realize most people have little digestive disturbances, it's totally normal from time to time, but when people have an obsession or pre occupation with symptoms its like you are always in the back of your mind scanning for some kind of reaction or symptom.

    Alot of people talk about 'one or the other'.....its both. Your preoccupation and worries and obsession can cause and create genuine physical chemical reactions you experience as physical symptoms and exacerbate them. One person or perspective will see it only in that way and show you why you have IBS. Another will point you towards your obsession and preoccupation with little symptoms and show you how you can forget about them, focus on the energy (emotions) behind them and let them go. It's both - but always your choice which one you choose.


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