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Lateral shift

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by dudevaldude, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. dudevaldude

    dudevaldude New Member


    My story in a nutshell, 5 years ago I fell playing basketball and hurt my back...I went into lateral shift, X-ray and mri revealed mild issues at l4/l5 and l5/s1.

    Lateral shift corrected itself in a few days and then I developed pain in my legs thought to be from nerve root compression. The idea of lateral shift is you injure a disk and you body shifts to compensate and protect it.

    I have had pain of some sort from the last five years and I have read a number of Sarno books, but have never been fully convinced. I had back pain all last week, and I have been studying the Sarno concepts and making an evidence list. I woke up randomly on Saturday which a huge lateral shift and extreme pain. Trying to tell myself this tms and it’s just fighting me hard.

    I saw a tms physician about 1 year ago and she confirmed the diagnosis. I have all the common Sarno traits goodist, perfectionist, etc.

    This lateral acute shift has me worried as I’ve not read too many experiences with it.

    Can anyone offer some advice?

  2. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Mike,

    My story was very similar to yours- I had issues at the same levels (herniated discs on MRI with a "nerve compression") and also experienced a lateral shift, and many episodes of low back pain and spasm as well as sciatica. It was all 100% TMS- lateral shift is just a protective muscle spasm, nothing fancier than that- and TMS frequently manifests as a spasm. Hope that helps with your evidence!
  3. dudevaldude

    dudevaldude New Member

    Ty for the response; a friend who has known me from childhood called to help me with this problem and helped me create a list of all the treatment modalities and obsessive behaviors I engage in involving back pain. The list was longer than I realized

    Eating an anti inflammatory diet
    Always maintaining proper back posture
    Monitoring my weight obsessively even though I’m not overweight
    Doing the McGill big 3 exercises 6 days a week
    Researching lateral shift
    Researching Tiger Woods history of back surgery
    Monitoring my symptoms every time I get out of a chair or wake up.

    Looking at the list feels embarrassing, because it is indicative of obsession that is distracting me from life in general.

    I tried telling myself yesterday that this shift and pain were TMS and tried fighting through the pain yesterday by cutting the grass and I woke up today worse than ever; this makes it hard to believe. I feel like Scully in X-files, “I want to believe”

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