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Lack of success stories for cubital tunnel syndrome

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by tmsbboy, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. tmsbboy

    tmsbboy New Member

    Hi guys,

    It's been a while since I was on this forum after I was able to fix my carpal tunnel syndrome from TMS but my cubital tunnel syndrome has been flaring up rather seriously at times when I work out or at night. I tried to look at some success stories to help myself with reassurance that this was TMS and not structural as this issue came out of nowhere a few years ago and did subside. I did a lot of googlging and it seems there are a lot of TMS success stories for the other RSI related issues such as tendonitis and Carpal tunnel but very little for this specific issue. I was looking to see if I could find some solace with regard to this.
  2. mbo

    mbo Peer Supporter

    not the same ...but quite similar.
    In my case radial tunnel syndrome: supposedly entrapment of the radial nerve along the arcade of Frohse.
    Failed surgery, absolutely. Beware with that fake «pinched nerves» !!!
  3. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Indications that it is likely TMS: came out of nowhere, flares up at night. Did it start after carpal tunnel syndrome went away?
  4. tmsbboy

    tmsbboy New Member

    I used to have both but both went away. Now cubital is back with a vengeance. It was during a period of heavier bicep curls that my elbows started flaring up and they would flare up at night too. I can breakdance fine as long as I do movements with my hands straight but whenever I do any upper body exercises like pushups or weightlifting that involves bending of the arms I eventually get to a point where it gets a bit painful and numb at my pinkies and ring finger. I am trying my best to believe it’s tms but some of the posts I’ve read on this forum with cubital tunnel have been pretty helpless. There are no other success stories and many on this forum question if it is really structural which has made it much harder to solve than the carpal tunnel issues.

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