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Know it's TMS but arm still won't raise above head

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Jules, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Jules

    Jules Well known member

    How can I get it to move? I KNOW this is TMS but every time I try to raise my arm above, out to the side or behind, it spasms and locks up! It doesn't hurt, as long as I don't move it or lay on it, but that is not realistic. I need a TMS doctor, but there's no one in my state. I feel like I need one now though so maybe my brain will really get the message.

    This is excruciating pain, and no matter what I say or do, it will not let go. I'm desperate need of relief. What do I do if my brain will not let this go?
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  2. Cathe

    Cathe Newcomer

    Hello Jules,

    I think that "trying forcefully" for the pain to leave is actually one of the things that keeps it in place. At the moment it seems that your arm cant move above your head, but try to feel that it is just okay that you can't ( at this moment ). Try not to forcefully change that, and accept it the way it is, while moving towards your goals in small steps. Im very sure you can do it, try to not focus on the pain, and just focus on the things you want to build up slowly :) . Ofcourse it is advised to see a TMS Doctor if you are in doubt, or if you feel you need help with unconscious emotions which need to be dealt with.

    As what I've read in Claire Weekes book: Try to not force through it or force forgetfulness, accept it to be there, for now.
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  3. Jules

    Jules Well known member

    Yeah, I stopped doing that and just let it be, but my arm just aches and feels like it's being stuck with pins and needles all the time. I can't sleep, I say my affirmations daily, doing meditation, and just trying to deal with this. I have been writing down every emotion I can think of, just to get this just to release, but it's not doing anything. I'm trying not to be afraid of the pain, and I know it's from mild oxygen deprivation, I can feel it. But my brain will not let it go and this is what is so frustrating.

    If only I can get some relief, so I am not so overwhelmed by this emotional roller coaster I've been on.
  4. eskimoeskimo

    eskimoeskimo Well known member

    Hi Jules, just letting you know that I'm feeling exactly the same way about my neck pain and I'm wishing you some relief. I know it's tough, and I too struggle to not try to change the thing that I want to change so badly. Hopefully some others will be able to chime in with some advice, in addition to Cathe's helpful support.

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