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Knees, running

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Anna1, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Hi all!

    I have been mostly pain free now for about 6 months. The only thing that keeps coming up is my knee-pain. I recently started to do yoga on a regular basis again, and that seems to make it worse.

    Which is, of course, my unconscious mind tricking me to think. So I know it's TMS, but it's quite frustrating. I built up my running up to 6 km now. But yesterday I had to stop after 3 km's because my knees were killing me. I had been running 3 km's with severe pain. I was really focusing emotionally, but the pain didn't go away.

    Today I read Steve O's book (The Great Pain Deception) again, which always helps me when certain pains come back. So today I ran the 6 km's in record time. With severe pain. Yesterday I could hardly walk afterwards. Today the same. I focused emotionally and started running faster and faster... Steve O would do the same. Whenever he was in pain while running, he would run extra miles to "punish" his unconscious. It sounds extreme, but has worked for me before.

    It's so scary and weird to just go on. But I'm convinced the pain isn't due to the movement. It must be TMS. I just told me unconscious mind that I would go on running until it's dropping the pain.

    Now I basically want to go to a yoga class tonight as well. It might sound over-the-top, but well, it's a very clear message to my unconscious, right?
  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I do think being active sends a message to your unconscious that you do not have a physical problem, however that message can be thwarted if you develop fear and anxiety about muscle soreness. It is common for one's symptoms to increase while being active (especially in the beginning). If this increase makes you worry you have a structural problem, then it could slow your recovery. If, however, you are able to recognize this as simply TMS and do not worry about it, then it, most likely, will not trip you up. It comes down to the individual person, and where they are at. For me, being active always helped (of course I didn't push myself near as hard as you our Steve).
  3. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Hey Forest, thanks for your reply! So after the running of last Monday I took some painkillers and had the 1,5 hour yoga class. Next day the pain wasn't worse than on Sunday. Monday the pain was in my right knee. Next morning it was in my left knee: obvious. And today (Wednesday) the pain was mostly gone. Amazing. I knew it was TMS, but am still surprised about how fast it can go.

    I must add that I was journaling yesterday, and found out what emotions were behind it, giving the emotions space and soothe myself while experiencing the feelings. Also I was writing to my subconscious to explain that I knew what is going on ;-) I also had a starting throat ache, starting after the yoga on Monday. I addressed that the same as the knee pain. It's gone now.

    It really helped me to read Steve O's book again. And to refresh my belief that it's all really TMS. I noticed there still was some doubt. I think I need to keep addressing that doubt. It's easy to let the doubt (and fear) creep in through the back door.

    It takes some guts to go (and run) through such fierce pain, but it's worth it!! I can recommend it ;-)
  4. gailnyc

    gailnyc Well known member

    I am really envious of you--I wish I could do what you've done! I'm more the slow and steady "pacer." Congrats on your amazing progress!
  5. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Well, I think everyone has their own style in this! No right or wrong. I am not a 1000% person. Usually these character - things are our weakness as well as our strength ;-) Slow and STEADY sounds very good!
  6. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I was curious as to how all that would play out. I used to notice similar stuff when I was active. Sometimes that pain would be there, but it never really increased all that much. I was able to use this as a sign that activity would not make me worse, and I didn't have to limit myself. The progress you have been making is pretty astounding. Progress can develop exponentially, especially when you start to see what is going on in your unconscious. You have, without a doubt, the right attitude about this approach.
  7. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Today I was running and had no pain at all, which is quite a big contrast with the sharp pain of Monday. Amazing!
    Yes Forest, I do believe this is the right attitude and I am very grateful for Sarno's work. And also for the example of Steve O. He is quite an example for me. What a hero. And he has a way of explaining everything with a great sense of humor. His advantage over Sarno is, that he is not a doctor, and of course, his own experience speaks for itself. But because he's not a doctor he doesn't have to be as cautious in his words as Sarno is.

    And any cautiousness is exactly what we don't need.
  8. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    Glad to hear you were journaling as I've had great success uncovering and resolving issues that way.

    I believe we will have healing in accordance with our level of belief that our symptoms are TMS! You have had evidence that your pain could not have a physical cause (first left knee then right, etc.) so try to keep that in mind when the doubt creeps up!!

    Best wishes for healing!
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  9. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Thanks Lori!

    The knee pain is back since my 7,2 km run yesterday. Both knees, it went again from right to left and now in both knees. I will go to yoga this afternoon. It's not easy! I know it's TMS, but to have so much pain in both knees makes me want to be careful so much!

    Anyway, I will do the yoga class, and - as I told my subconscious before - I will go on running. And one day it just will have to be gone, just like my back pain, my hip pain, ankle pain, etc.

    Thanks for all of your support!
  10. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    There is really something amazing about peer's stories, especially Steve's. I have found that I connect with peer stories in a completely different way than from reading books by practitioners. I'm not saying that one is better than the other, but that you can get different things from different perspectives.
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  11. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Hi all, just to give you an update: the pain in my right knee disappeared completely eventually. I was very busy with graduating and was doing more yoga than running. Now I've started running again (training for 10k) and the knee pain is getting less and less. A few weeks ago I told my subconscious that I would be OK with my left knee (this is my oldest pain - it's been there for 16 years) to hurt occasionally this month (July) but it should be gone in August. I've been running up to 9K now, with hardly any pain! I can tell you; it's so much easier and more fun to run painfree!!! :))

    Now I will go on to the next TMS thing that has been persistant: hair loss.. I will open a new thread.
  12. trigger

    trigger New Member

    Hey Ruth! Wondering how your knees are doing? Still running? Your post caught my eye as I have a love for running as well and am trying to convince myself it's TMS. I've had knee pain for 20 yrs which has switched sides as well. Most recently, my left knee has been the culprit for the last 3 years - or since my son was born because I don't remember any knee pain while I was pregnant! My excuse for that would be that I wasn't running at the time. Hmmm.... Yesterday I tried counting the times I thought about my knee pain and it was 35! That was while trying to be conscious of it too so I'm sure other thoughts slipped in without being noticed. Geez!!! Can you tell me more about what Steve O did with his running? I haven't read his book but have read Sarno's Mind Body Connection. Thanks!

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