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Knee pain while playing soccer

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by leomessi45, Jun 13, 2022.

  1. leomessi45

    leomessi45 Peer Supporter

    I was playing soccer with some of my friends on friday night. We played for about 2 hours however towards the end my right knee started hurting a lot and I left for home since running became painful. There was no contact it just started hurting randomly. 3 days later it still hurts and going up the stairs hurts a bit and putting weight does as well. I'm not sure whether this is an overuse injury or just another TMS symptom imperative

    Why I think it may be TMS?

    - I lost my job recently( my parents are absolutely furious about it) and my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer recently.
    - On friday a lot of my friends got mad about something stupid against one of my other friends. I was the only one defending him hence the goodist personality.
    - I go to Europe next week and I have a very extensive history of vacation syndrome TMS pain.
    - I went out with a girl saturday night. The plan was to get dinner and then go for a walk through town. I was so scared my knee would start acting up. However, as I got into the flow of the date I didn't even think about my knee during the walk. Of course, I told her being with her solved my knee pain haha

    Why I think it is overuse?

    - I didn't warm up and I've been getting very lazy with stretching and gym excercises recently.
    - I had COVID for a while and ramped up excercise very quickly

    What do you guys think? How would I tell the difference between an overuse injury and just TMS. I am a little scared about going back to intense excercise

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