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Just introducing myself...

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by TJuerg, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. TJuerg

    TJuerg New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently came across Dr. Sarno's books and other help with my TMS. I have had back pain for some thirty years, and have been on disability for a year now. But with the help of the books and from all of you here on this website, I have had about an 80% reduction of my pain! What a blessing, and I thank God for helping me to find this solution. I go back to work next week.

    My question is though, how do I get rid of this 20% residual pain. I realize that I have some repressed emotions, but I am working really hard to dig it all up and out. I had indifferent, self-centered parents, a difficult first marriage and now a difficult second marriage which is just coming out of alcoholism. So, I realize all of this, and I know I have anger and resentment, so why isnt this all going away?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  2. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    This is the phase that I felt caught in., but did overcome. You need to have even more patience now, and more letting go, and even more relaxation. It seems that this final stage is driven more by of the conditioning than the emotions you mention here.

    We heal quickly into the 80% range and then get frustrated by that last 20%. Then the frustration stops our healing because it adds anger. You have to forget about the 20% before it will leave. Your attention to it prevents its escape. Patience. Shift your awareness from body to daily goals.
  3. intense50

    intense50 Well known member

    I feel the same . I was almost pain free. Now it seems since 4 weeks it's back a little more. Piriformis and hamstrings. I played hockey a while back and the pain came back some. Still working on it. Thanks for the advice Steve.
  4. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    SteveO gave you some great advice and it's great to have a true TMS philosopher as a contributor here, thank you SteveO!

    In my opinion your TMS has improved 800%, you've had pain for thirty years and it's gotten exponentially better by reading a book--keep reading! You were on disability and now your're going back to work from reading a book--miracle!--keep reading! It took your mindbody perhaps all your life to create the false perceptions of the outside world to give you your TMS pain. It will take a while to overcome that conditioning and for your new life to penetrate through all that gray matter. Your sub-conscious still wants protect your "inner-child" gremlin. Don't work "hard" on your psycho-archeology, unless you can sell it on the antiquities market. In my opinion ruminating on the past keeps the TMS pain coming back. Think "psychological" to face current issues head-on so they don't get repressed and suppressed, filling the TMS reservoir of pain. Move on and find positive distractions that create your body's endorphins for a natural high.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
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  5. Susan1111

    Susan1111 Well known member

    Needed to see this too! Thank you.
  6. TJuerg

    TJuerg New Member

    Thank you so much for this. Yes I see that I need to overcome years of conditioning.
  7. TJuerg

    TJuerg New Member

    You are right of course. I have overcome so many years of so much pain, it is indeed a miracle. I'm so grateful for it all, and I will not try so hard to get rid of the bit that is left, but work on the conditioning and just relax and let it happen. Thank you very much for your reply.
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  8. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Hi t. Have you worked through the Structred Education Program on this wiki? I highly recommend it.
    I recovered from excruciating back pain many years ago, just by reading Sarno's book. Twenty plus years later I worked the SEP and recovered from horrible foot pain that at one point had me in a wheelchair.
    Like Steve O says, patience and persistence will get you there!
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
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  9. TJuerg

    TJuerg New Member

    Thank you very much, Gigi. I have been thinking about doing this, I just was hoping to be one of the "easy" cases that could just read and realize, then be done with it. But it looks like I am not one of them.

  10. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Gigi, that's a recovery method I haven't heard of before, do you have any good recipes? Any of the Good Doctor's book's tastier then another? beerbuds
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  11. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Funny, Tom! My tablet loves to "autocorrect" things! I try to edit carefully before I post, but that one I missed:confused:
    Supposed to say "reading" obviously!
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  12. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Activity itself as a deep education to the remaining pain patterns. Every day you are active, you are sending a deep message, non-verbal to the subconscious that whatever strategies it is using do not matter to you. I don't mean proving yourself with extreme exercise. Just doing what you did not do for 30 years.

    Also, it is helpful to simply accept that you have TMS symptoms, because that is the way you happen to be wired in this moment. Accept, and live, and don't contract around the symptoms. Contraction/pressure can take the form of efforting for a perfect cure, or self-rejection for experiencing symptoms.
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  13. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, everyone. I love this exchange of posts. You are a great group of "guys."

    I occasionally get a return of back pain, but know it's from emotional stresses. You can't to almost without some of them.
    I meditate, breathe deeply, live in the present moment, and visualize myself on a sunny beach on a northwoods wilderness canoe trip, hearing the loons call to each other over a lake. Pain goes away.

    Hi, Steve. You look like you've been working out.

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