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Just getting started after having a debilitating back spasm, need some assistance.

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by DJinBK, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. DJinBK

    DJinBK Newcomer

    New to the site and am on Day 4 of SEP!
    a little background first...I've been dealing with back issues for about 2 years now. A doctor told me I have a herniated L5 S1, saw a chiro briefly that didn't help, then started seeing a PT 2 times a week that I liked a lot and actually improved me a lot. Enough for me to be able to function halfway normal and even go to the gym! I always had my back condition on my mind and things would still flare up, so I was always caution.

    Then about 2 weeks ago I had debilitating back spasm that left me in the hospital for 2 days unable to move. I finally regained enough range of motion to hobble out of there with some crutches then laid on my back for the next week. Slowly, the spasm subsided enough for me to walk carefully, but more on that later.

    A week into my back vacation I stumbled onto the 20/20 vid then some other videos and websites, then bought Dr. Sarno's Healng Back Pain and finished it in 3 days (and I don't really read that much). Every page described me, I was hooked and continued studying and doing SEP.

    I still after 2 weeks from the initial attack have a spasm in my lower back that won't let me bend over or move in certain directions without causing the pain.

    I've been using Dr. Sarno's techniques and have feel as though I'm starting to have improvements in other areas but this one spasm (and pain) seems to still persist (they may have been slight improvements every day, but still not enough to bend over to tie my shoe). I know the program takes time and I shouldn't expect anything over night but...

    My question is, do I go to my PT or find some other way to deal with the acute spasm? Or continue the program and it should eventually work its way out?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Hi DJ. Good for you for leaping right into the SEP, once you discovered Sarno and HBP. That was the book that helped me recover from debilitating back pain.
    Sarno acknowledges that during acute pain episodes, you have to treat the pain, with ice, meds or whatever helps. But be sure to also work the SEP, use the affirmations, etc. at the same time. And as soon as you can move again, resume exercising. He was not a fan of PT or back exercises.
    I'm hoping you find some relief and SOON!
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  3. Scott.Cameron

    Scott.Cameron Peer Supporter

    Hi DJ,

    Your TMS sounds like mine.

    I had Back pain for around 10 years, I too had back spasms. But I admit my pains never lasted as long as you describe. I could have a spasm at wrk that would drop me to the floor, but would be continuing to work 5 mins later. The only treatment that helped me was Physio. Chiro made me worse, but physio was good, He would stretch my vertabre and back ribs and use Ultrasound, but it would always return and I would visit once or twice a month to be able to continue my physical job, albeit still with discomfort most days. Once I discovered the real problem, I had just one last session. I found my evidence pretty quickly and had symptom imperative soon after which just affirmed my new belief this was what it was. Ive had to go back once to help me overcome a debilitating sholder pain that even though I suspected was a new symptom imperative, (and ive had a few!) I couldnt quite shake it. So I reluctantly booked the Physio. It helped me get back to work and break out of the episode. Not been back since, and my back and shoulder seem to be fine now 10 mths after finding sarno.

    My advice is, if you feel that the physio will help you to do stuff to prove that your back is ok ,then that is fine, but the most important part, is that you fully beleive that your problem is Phychological and fully understand there really is nothing physically damaged on your body. I mean think about it? How else could some massage and ultrasound relieve pain from such damage?

    I personally believe there is a physically element to the pain, I believe TMS can manipulate tight muscles and needs the tightness to cause more serious pain along with sarnos theory of oxygen deprivation. but whatever it is, it is manipulated by the brain and there is no serious physical damage, This is why I believe the physio could relieve my pain temporarily.

    I do believe I could have ended up with such bad problems if I had not found Sarno when I did, This guys work saved me. I was starting to think I would have to find a less physical job and worried that I would still have pain sitting at a desk or driving around, I was starting to get depressed about it and could easily see a downward spirall on the horizon.

    Good luck my friend, dont stop believing and you will get there in the end.
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  4. DJinBK

    DJinBK Newcomer

    Thanks Gigi, and thank you too Scott. It sounds like your issue is pretty similar to mine.

    I'm at the point right now, about 2 weeks after the initial debilitating spasm where I'm back to being mobile and moving around but still can't bend over with out pain. I feel as though every day I've been able to bend over further and further and the pain has been diminishing every day but it's not completely gone yet.

    The interesting thing is that the pain I was feeling before, such as aches when sitting in a chair for too long seem to not be an issue anymore. I'm only waiting on the remnants of this spasm to go way and then I'd like to get back to being more physical, such as running and lifting.

    I'm completely on board with the TMS diagnosis and am continuing the SEP, but I do have an appointment with a doctor on Monday that I made for my follow up after leaving the hospital. I've seen docs in the past and had MRI's so I know what I'm dealing with. Would you suggest canceling the appointment, or is it OK to go even though DR. Sarno recommends not going and sticking with his treatment?

    Also, should I treat the remnants of the spasm the same as the TMS pain or more of an acute issue that should be dealt with first?
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  5. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Spasm is TMS. From my experience, pain without spasm is much easier to deal with than spasms. I was going to the acupuncturist with my problems for 3 extra weeks (for $250 weekly session & herbs) after starting with Sarno. It was waste of time and money as it was interfering with my understanding of causes of my symptoms. I started getting better after I finally firmly told the doc that I was out. He was disappointed and really wanted to do just one more, only one more, "only last one more session that may help" :=). Too bad I did not disappoint him 3 weeks sooner, would have saved me $750 out of pocket....
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  6. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    What did you decide to do, DJ? Are you feeling better?
  7. DJinBK

    DJinBK Newcomer

    I ended up going to the doc, but he only strengthened my belief in the TMS diagnosis. He Looked at my MRI and gave me a little physical exam and basically told me that as long as I'm not getting worse and only improving that I should continue with what I was doing (which was the SEP :) ) He also mentioned to me the 90% of people with disc issues like mine have no symptoms. So I left there on a positive note. I'm on day 16 of the SEP and am continuing to see improvements.
    I'm working on realizing triggers (sitting on the couch or being more physical) and not being afraid of them, and working to recondition my my mind and body not to react to them the way it had been.
    I also have an appointment with DR. Ira Rashbaum (a TMS doc from this site) in a few weeks (the earliest I could get).
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  8. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sound's like you're moving along to the TMS acceptance path. Lucky YOU found the Good Doctor or if your doc was cut happy and referral happy you'd be on your way to the ortho surgeon for some "failed" back surgery or maybe a whole new set verts like an unfortunate lady in the hot-tub last night who asked me to wish her well on her surgery next week--to late for a TMS intervention on this one, she already has half a set of new verts from a previous surgery.

    You're caught in the middle of the allopathic white-coats and your new found TMS beliefs. What's important is what's in your mind when you get your treatments--and what's in the mind of the practitioner. Surprise, surprise most "injuries" heal on their own, about the time the PT sessions run-out. If you're paying out of pocket for your PT, then maybe put that money towards some massage that will reduce your RESERVOIR OF RAGE--the rage/soothe ratio.

    The best thing you can do is continue reading and studying the TMS info absorbing the KNOWLEDGE PENICILLIN. The answers to ALL your TMS questions are in the books. You can also return to exercising to build up your confidence in the TMS credo that the back is strong. Dr. Sarno said, "If it's too heavy to lift, you couldn't lift it."
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