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Day 24 Journey so far

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Bowen, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Bowen

    Bowen Peer Supporter


    Todays activity is to write about my journey so far from the educational program. SO far I have been journalling, saying a mantra to my brain as much as I can during the day, uncovering some key areas that I need to focus on emotionally. Accepting where I am at physically and changing the way I treat and talk to myself. I am a perfectionist and very driven. This condition has made me feel powerless and I can be hard on myself. I completely accept the diagnosis. I am in pain all day everyday and it is very restrictive. So far I have not had any pain relief. I am following the program and identifying patterns in my pain cycle and thought process. Also trying to uncover key emotional events that led to this. I have read the MB prescription twice and have started on the great pain deception. My biggest apprehension is if this will work for me. I know it works for many but so far not a lot has changed despite the work I am putting in. I have had chronic pain for 14 years so I am not putting a time frame on my recovery however it would be nice to get just a 5% reduction in pain. At the moment I am just accepting it is what it is for now.



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