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Day 5 Journaling about a past event

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Cog, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Cog

    Cog Peer Supporter

    I journaled today about the time our home was raided. It's the first time I've spent this much time thinking about that time in my life. While at first I was writing about the specific details of the event and what happened after, by the end I started to actually remember the feelings of grief and sadness of the effects of that event and what did to alter the direction of my life. I hadn't thought about that in a very long, long time. There was a physical reaction in me, slight one, but it was there where my breathing became a little shallow and tightness in my chest. I didn't have time to finish all my thoughts about that incident yet. Perhaps another for another time...
  2. angelic333

    angelic333 Peer Supporter

    Feelings start with thoughts. Your thoughts about the event lead to your feelings about it. I don't know the circumstances, this seems to be a very significant occurence. Between thoughts (what happened) and feelings( your response to the event) lies your choice how to respond. Again, I have no idea what happened.
    I have learned, change your thoughts, change your world. Sometimes events in our lives are too difficult to apply this. I get that. I work on this every day. When I can apply it, it changes everything.
    Peace to you.
  3. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Cog, you experienced home invasion, a terrible thing. It's good that you are bringing your repressed feelings
    about it to the surface. Journaling about it can release those feelings.

    Home invasion are getting more frequent because of the lousy economy and jerks on drugs.

    You may still feel insecure or unsafe, worrying your home might be raided again.
    Don't anticipate bad things. Live in the present moment, that all is well, and not worry about tomorrow.
    As an added suggestion, local police where I live in a Chicago suburb, say it's a good idea to
    put signs on your outer doors: BEWARE OF GUARD DOG INSIDE.

    It really deters robbers... they move on to the next house.

    Good luck putting the home invasion to rest.
  4. Cog

    Cog Peer Supporter

    I appreciate the replies. Yes,I do have thoughts of being robbed at night. Perhaps that's why I'm such a light sleeper. My thoughts tend to go anticipate the worst. I don't have a dog but want to buy a gun for protection. I remember the intense fear that I felt that night the invasion happened. it was so intense. I relived it once when the wind blew open an unlatched door and set off the house alarm. My mind and body were buzzing. My hands trembling. Heart racing....

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