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James Alexander - EMDR

Discussion in 'Mindbody Video Library' started by Colly, May 1, 2015.

  1. Colly

    Colly Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi all. I haven't tried this approach, but am told it's very effective for treating trauma. Would be interested to know if any of you have tried it. This from James is excellent as an introduction to EMDR. . And Part 2:
  2. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Colly,

    I had about 4 sessions of EMDR, but it didn't have any impact on me. But the research says it works for many people. Unfortunately I am in the minority for whom it didn't work.
  3. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    Funny I was just reading about this recently. It's said to be very effective but no one knows why. They thinks it's due to the rapid eye movement tricking your brain into thinking its in the REM dream state. When you are dreaming it is hypothesised by some that your Unconsious is consolidating the day's events/running wild.
    So when trauma is brought up during these sessions it is addressed more effectively.
    That's my understanding of it. I think this is probably the basis of EFT. It all has to do with the person bringing up said trauma& visualising it whilst having a guiding hand to reassure/address it.
    Kinda like excorcising a demon.
    Of course it's best to read the literature around it and listened to qualified Professionals on the subject.
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  4. PamD

    PamD Peer Supporter

    I work extensively with EMDR. It has a particular protocol that when followed is quite helpful for many. EMDRIA.org is a link for the site that supports the trainings and explanations about this approach. Take a look at the explanation for clients section. It an evidenced based protocol that is highly effective for trauma and negative beliefs or cognitions that can result from traumatic situations or have been internalized. When these negative cognitions interfere with life EMDR can be used to help clear this and raise better cognitions or beliefs. It does not involve replaying the story. It can also be used for phobias, blocks and even athletic enhancement. f
    Francine Shapiro is the mother of this approach. I value it highly.
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