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Its all still new to me..

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by JDinPhilly, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. JDinPhilly

    JDinPhilly New Member

    Today I had some back pain. I tried the usual stuff (tylenol + alieve), stretching, hanging upside down from a hoyer lift (I work in healthcare). Nothing worked as usual.

    Later in the day I was talking to a co-worker and she asked how my "back thing" was going. I shared that anger and stress lead to pain pretty quickly and I am very stressed today. We talked (briefly) about my stressors and then the pain vanished. I verbalized my stressors, made a plan to accomplish a task and then I spent the rest of the day without pain.

    Of course, I came home and had a huge fight with my spouse, so who knows whats going to happen tomorrow (yikes). Rome wasn't built in a day right?
  2. iwire

    iwire Peer Supporter

    I am trying to picture "hanging upside down from a hoyer lift" :p!!! I was using such a lift today as well but can't quite imagine what you were doing! I wonder if you will feel better tomorrow now that you have already acknowledged the stress and the fight-- instead of surpressing those feelings?? I hope so!
  3. JDinPhilly

    JDinPhilly New Member

    iWire.. here is how I do it (this is not a product endorsement, in fact, its dangerous..dont do this)

    1) find a clean hospital bed
    2) lay on the bed and put the coat hanger looking thing under both of your knees
    3) push the up button..

    reverse after a few seconds..

    ps: I certainly hope so too. Thanks once again for your kind words.
  4. iwire

    iwire Peer Supporter

    I am going to go to sleep laughing about this!!!!! Thank you for that! laughter is so great for healing! (and good thing you strongly advised NOT doing it!) (oh-- and consider--- is it possible that your "lift antics" might be contributing to back pain? Hee Hee)
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  5. Tiny

    Tiny New Member

    Hi JDinPhilly,

    I gotta say, I think you should avoid the Hoyer lift and hospital bed. They're only furthering this idea that something's wrong with your body. And if you have TMS, the problem is in your mind. So throw away your back supports, toss the Hoyer, don't do anything "special" for your back. Stretching is always a good idea for general health, and strengthening, as well, but these things the medical community has created for chronic back pain are literally just your crutches.

    Whenever the pain comes back, focus your attention up to your mind. Think about what's bothering you and why. Feel those feelings.

    I found one of the most helpful things I read in the wiki is to make an "evidence sheet" and place it somewhere you'll read it every time you walk by. Write down a list of things that reinforce the fact that you have TMS. My list looked like this:

    1. Played volleyball on beach with no pain whatsoever
    2. Pain gets worse when hubby stresses me out
    3. Pain gets worse when money problems occur
    4. No pain when on vacation

    Read it every time you look at it and BELIEVE!

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