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Day 2 It this normal to be angry and sad about?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by deny, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. deny

    deny Peer Supporter

    This was harder than I think it would be.

    What makes me angry?
    - Degrading glances and ignorance. Today when I was walking home through the city there were several people who just walked straight ahead so I had to jump to the side so as not to get a push. With arrogant me as if "I own the street" and did not waste a glance. Probably stressed, inside their own world, but on common ground art I we show respect.

    - When someone is trying to have a conversation with me when I'm obviously busy and do not want a deep discussion about something.


    What makes me sad?
    - My part is about when it all comes at the same time. Hard work during the day followed by side projects and a lot of to dos even after work to continue on the weekends with activities planned on a packed Schedule.

    - Technology is making me sad! Everyting is always get broken.

    - I have struggled with / against anxiety all my life and do not really know where the destructive thoughts come from. When I "get started" which is a bit now and then I can worry about everything possible. Big and small, high and low. Sometimes (not too rarely) something as simple as if I am enough as I am…
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  2. Hedger

    Hedger Well known member

    Its good to see you recognizing some things making you angry and sad. Still reading this it´s written well and composed, which is fine for the forum. When you start journaling for your own eyes only I hope you write more expressive. Like your example above of the persons just disrespectfully walking straight ahead so you have to jump to the side would sound something like this for me in my journaling (if it made me angry):

    "That m***** fu** idiot, who the *** do you think you are you disrespectful piece of ****. I just wanna smash your face in for being so fu*** egoistic. WHAT THE ****!! Really?? I´m so angry... **'" And so on for maybe half a page until all my angry feelings about it are drained.

    Off course I would never say that in real life, nor punch someone or similar. Just writing expressive for my own eyes only when I´m feeling my anger to let it out. The more journaling I did like this in the beginning, the less need for it I have now!

    Same thing goes for sadness, but there the journaling can be more about vulnerability and admitting things to one self that might be scary etc. It usually ended in tears for me, and felt so good.

    Keep us posted! Looking forward to hearing about your progress

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