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Issues with my feet

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by kbarlow, May 23, 2017.

  1. kbarlow

    kbarlow New Member

    While I am now 100% convinced that my pelvic, abdominal and bladder issues are all TMS, I have only recently started to suspect that this other issue could be too.

    For a while now I have had dry, flakey skin on the soles of my feet. I also have blotchy skin on the sides and top of my feet. More recently I have also experienced itching and irritation especially on my toes. This seems to flare up when my feet are hot, eg after running.

    Has anyone else had anything similar ?

    I'm several weeks into my "awakening" and have experienced the odd headach and backpain recently which is absolutely TMS moving around.

    Just not sure if this foot thing is also TMS.
  2. jaumeb

    jaumeb Peer Supporter

    I have/had burning feet (the soles). Also flakey. Very dry to the point of cracking. Worsened by hot socks, sleeping with socks, ...

    Let me know if you discover anything about those symptoms.

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